Small Business. Small Changes. Big Impact.

man standing with laptop computerOne of the biggest things I hear from our customers is they lack the time it takes to update their insurance website.

I’m here to tell you, despite popular belief, there are enough hours in the day.

I won’t say your website doesn’t need attention and care. But, spending an hour per week or even a few hours per month updating your website can make all the difference.

Survey Says…

Don’t believe me? A recent survey conducted by Vistaprint Digital can add some credibility to my claim.

The marketing group surveyed 5,300 adults on their online habits when it comes to small businesses (like yours).

First, a bit of inspiring news. They found over 40 percent of those surveyed visited a small business'website. That’s excellent news for Main Street America. It also provides proof that your website is necessary.

So, now to the meat of the article. What are people looking for on a website? What can you improve in that hour a week I mentioned above to appeal to online customers and visitors?

Sometimes the obvious answer really is the right one.

Contact Info

We talk a lot about design, mobile presence, and SEO. But, here is proof that sometimes people just want to reach out and talk to you.

When asked what is most likely to leave them with a bad impression, nearly 50 percent of respondents noted outdated contact information as their number one red flag.

contact info graph

Agents with Insurance Website Builder can update their contact information in five minutes. Simply use the fill-in-the-blank pages within your administration console.

I know many clients work in home offices. In which case, I would suggest adding something to your website to give clients direction. That can be a city/state combination or a mailing address.


The next graphic I want to look at comes from this question: “What’s most important when it comes to having a positive experience with a small business website?”

accurate content graph

Take note the other responses pale in comparison to having solid, timely content. Those responses are the more time-consuming ventures.

Again, content can be updated fast and easily using your Administration Console. Many pages need as little effort as changing a paragraph or sentence to keep them up to date. This can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes.

Recently Updated

Remember earlier when I said you only need to spend an hour per week updating your website? Check out this graphic:

outdated content graph

Note in the above graphic that most people will give you a six month runway of timely content.

I would still suggest updating your website once a month or once a week to make sure you’re up-to-date. But, this goes to show that your website can be maintained on one hour a week, or a few hours a month.


The last graphic I want to look at is this one:

purchasing graph

This part of the report asks the question: “How likely are you to visit or purchase something from a small business if it has a poorly designed or unprofessional website?”

Nearly half of the people surveyed said they would be unlikely to buy something from you if you have an unprofessional or poorly designed website.

In this context, let’s take that to include out of date websites or those without contact information. You can see how important it is to do weekly or monthly maintenance to your website.

I invite you to take a look at the study and see if you can draw further conclusions from the data. One hour a week, or one hour a month can be the difference with your website. As I said, you don’t have to devote your day to the website, but make sure you’re maintaining it.

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on this topic, please leave a comment below!

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