Six Surprising Statistics About American Social Media Users

September 25, 2013

1. Almost ½ Of Twitter users are Democrats - Since approximately 30% of the U.S. population overall consider themselves Democrats, and a large portion of that 30% fall into the 25-45 year old age range, which also happens to be the average age of most Twitter users, this statistic isn't very surprising. It does, however, provide some great insight for your agency and the way you use Twitter to market your services.

You may not identify with democrats or their politics, but knowing this, you can tailor your tweets about the economy, political hot-button topics, healthcare reform, and other divisive issues to be more bi-partisan so as not to alienate a long time client or hinder a new business relationship you're trying to cultivate.

2. By far, Facebook is still considered the most active social media network - 23% of Facebook's users check their account at least five times a day, every single day. That's a ton of opportunities for you to get your agency in front of your Facebook audience.

Check out our blog on Facebook's EdgeRank and how to effectively measure your Facebook marketing success and improving your EdgeRank.

3. More than ½ of ALL Americans (12 and up) are social media savvy - Americans (12 and up) using social media sites could reach as high as 75% social usage within the next 5 years. Can you imagine having 75% of the ENTIRE AMERICAN POPULATION at your fingertips?

If you're not building relationships via social networking in your agency to communicate with clients and prospects, this should be a wakeup call. Social media isn't going anywhere, and you are missing out on potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

4. Nearly ¼ of all Americans are using social media several times a day - While we are all, in some way, creatures of habit, there aren't many things people do every day. Several visits to Facebook and Twitter, though, make it into the daily routine for many. And it's not just that they visit their page, they are active on social media several times a day. Whether it's to post a picture, check-in at their favorite lunch spot, share a blog, or just to chat with a friend who is far away.

So if you have a business profile, update it often, encourage people to engage with you on your social media profiles, and be sure to respond to all messages or posts that you get. It's not enough to appear active on social media - you do have to be an active participant for it to work.

5. Almost ½ of Americans say Facebook has an impact on what they buy - Facebook's influence on purchasing has doubled since 2012. On Twitter, however, buying influence ranks somewhere between 1-5%.

This does not mean that Twitter should be ignored. Facebook and Twitter, while both social media sites, they are very different in how they are viewed, followed and how you should engage with followers on each site. We've posted blogs on best practices for posting to both Twitter and Facebook.

6. ¾ of Twitter users are posting their own Tweets - A survey in 2010 showed that 50% of Twitter users did not post their own tweets, this has changed very much in 2013. As of this year, studies are showing that ¾ of Twitter users are posting unique tweets to their profile daily as opposed to simply re-tweeting or just being an observer. This is great for marketing on Twitter. Start a conversation with your followers today. Get them to start talking about something on your feed.

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