Save Time with Prefilled ACORD Forms

December 17, 2012

If your agency uses ACORD forms, and you're not familiar with the prefilled ACORD forms available in InsurancePro, you're missing out on features that may help your agency save time and prevent errors. ITC keeps the InsurancePro up to date with the latest available ACORD Forms and also keeps older forms available for use should your relationships require the use of older forms.

ACORD addresses the use of old forms by stating that forms are updated in many cases to ensure compliance with new laws. A recent article published by ACORD provides information on changes to ACORD forms in the coming year.

With InsurancePro, most ACORD forms are prefilled with information. You can easily email PDF versions of the form or print them. InsurancePro allows you to quickly navigate through the list of hundreds of forms with filters and sorting. Check out the InsurancePro FAQ for more information regarding prefilled ACORD form functionality in InsurancePro.


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