Ring in the Holidays with These 10 Blogging Ideas for November!

October 26, 2015

Thanksgiving dinner table setting


The start of the holiday season is an exciting time for many people across the country. But don't forget about the importance of safety.

As the fall and winter seasons arrive, there are new risks to discuss. You can use your insurance website to help your clients optimize their personal safety. Use any of these 10 ideas for your blog and/or email newsletter this November.

  1. Veteran's Day (November 11): Are you looking for a way to recognize the brave soldiers who have fought for our freedom? Post your thanks to social media, or make a banner for an email newsletter or your website's home page. A little bit of effort can show support in a big way.

  2. World Diabetes Day (November 14): Few people understand the nature of this chronic illness. World Diabetes Day is a good chance to explain why people should have regular health checks. Mentioning the benefits of health insurance would make a great call to action for this topic.

  3. Fire Safety: This is the time of year when everyone is scrambling to keep warm with heating devices. But if they malfunction, they can produce poisonous carbon monoxide. Not to mention, fireplaces and candles create a direct fire hazard inside of homes. Write about how to protect homes and families from the risk of carbon monoxide and fires.

  4. Winter Liabilities: Winter weather can lead to many liability risks like guests slipping on icy walkways. Before the cold sets in, write about these risks and what people can do to reduce the potential for damage.

  5. Thanksgiving (November 26): Turkey Day is a favorite holiday for many people. Wish your clients a happy and safe holiday before you go off to enjoy your own festivities.

  6. Black Friday (November 27): Black Friday can get crazy with crowds. Share some shopping safety tips. Don't forget to mention how to protect vehicles from car theft.

  7. Meal Prep Safety: Cooking for Thanksgiving and other holiday meals is a tough job. And with so much happening in the kitchen, it's easy to forget to keep an eye on everything. Offering safety tips for cooking holiday meals may help your clients avoid risks.

  8. Saving on Utilities: Heating a home can cost a pretty penny. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce the utility bill while staying warm. Your clients will appreciate any money-saving advice you share.

  9. Cold Weather Nutrition: It's human nature to want to gorge on carbs and other unhealthy foods when it's cold out. But maintaining proper nutrition helps keep off those extra holiday pounds. Share tips for preparing nutritious meals that are hearty and satisfying.

  10. Off-Season Boat Insurance: Some people think canceling boat insurance during the off-season is a good way to save money. But as an agent, you know things aren't that simple. Remind your clients why it's necessary to maintain coverage. Write about the perks of a layup policy.

Stuck inside during the cold? Grab a blanket, and start writing some fresh content for your agency!

If you enjoy these posts or have additional topic ideas, let us know in the comments section below.


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