Release 6.0.35

April 4, 2011


  • Fixed problem when entering one note and at the same time updating another note, both on the Policy Summary Screen, the original contents of the updated note is lost
  • Fixed problem where a new policy's primary agent does not default to the agent currently logged in
  • Fixed problem with endorsement forms pulling the wrong address fields from the policy
  • Fixed problem with calculating the policy expiration date when changing the year on the effective date
  • Fixed problem with fields not saving properly on homeowner and commercial policies
  • Fixed problem with creation of note detailing the changes to an auto policy when violations were modified on the policy
  • Fixed problem with fields selected by using keyboard instead of mouse will not save properly
  • Fixed problem with printing of the invoice letter not printing the header
  • Fixed problem with Auto ID Card not listing the correct drivers
  • Fixed problems with checks
    • Print Settings will not display
    • List of checks available to print is wrong after being printed
  • Fixed problem with Payment reconciliation marking "all prior to" to not include the date selected
  • Fixed batch printing error given when printing individual letters from the Daily Transaction screen
  • Fixed several bridging issues
    • Problems with bridging policies with excluded drivers from TurboRater to InsurancePro
    • Problems with bridging marital status and SSN's from InsurancePro to TurboRater
    • Problems with AccuAuto bridging incomplete information
  • Added support for Indiana East time zone
  • Changed the default bank account selected on the Receive Payment screen
  • Commissions related defects
  • Fixed problem with payments saving when two payments are being taken at the same time

  • Field validation on quote sheets
  • Policy Summary Screen visual updates
  • Caching used in more screens

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