RE: Is Responsive Web Design for My Agency?

May 18, 2015

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Ethan Marcotte coined the term responsive web design in 2010. It has gradually become the new norm for web design, and it seems everyone is hooked. So, what exactly is responsive web design, what's all the hype about, and is it right for your agency?

What is Responsive Web Design?
Responsive web design provides an excellent viewing experience across a wide range of devices. It uses fluid grids, flexible images and media queries so you get one website and one URL. So, instead of creating a website for each device, the website's codes are designed to adapt to fit any screen size or resolution.

Why Responsive Web Design?
Today, we have a lot of devices to use when searching the web. Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and now wearable-technology like smart-watches. Each of these devices display websites differently. This is why responsive web design is so popular. And, with the Google's mobile-friendly algorithm change, it's even more in demand.

Is Responsive Web Design Good for My Insurance Website?
Determining whether you need to implement responsive web design should be based on your business goals, budget and customer needs. For some companies responsive web design is not an option due to the complexity of their websites, massive information, and/or business goals. For example, Amazon offers several different websites and mobile sites to accommodate their many online services. Certainly the cost to maintain each website may be higher, but each site delivers a better user experience.

Now to answer the question... is responsive web design good for my insurance agency website? The answer... It depends.

Much like Amazon, your insurance website needs to focus on user experience. As an insurance agent, you want people to access your website on any device. Whether you choose a separate mobile website or responsive web design, your primary focus should be on whether your visitors can navigate it with ease. Keep in mind, your website visitors probably can't tell the difference between a mobile version or responsive web design when viewing it on their mobile device. All they care about is the ability to successfully get the information they want or request a quote without hassle. As long as you focus on your user experience, you can increase your traffic no matter which choice you make.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is you don't have to switch to responsive web design for your insurance agency website to be effective. Responsive web design is definitely a great way to get a mobile-friendly website. But, before deciding to go with responsive web design, consider your business goals, your budget and your visitors' needs.

Our Commitment
The fact is mobile web searches are increasing while desktop searches decrease. In response to this and other new technologies, ITC continues its commitment to provide insurance agents with the tools they need to succeed. Be on the lookout. We're working diligently to introduce several new responsive design templates.

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