QUIZ: Do You Know Your Insurance Animal Mascots?

July 13, 2016

There are quite a few technology companies that use animals in their logos. MSN uses a butterfly. Mozilla's fox. Twitter is a bird.

Insurance companies are no different. I'm sure you can think of a few examples off the top of your head that feature animals in their marketing efforts. Sometimes animals even serve as company spokespeople.

Have you ever wondered why so many companies use animals in their branding?

Psychology Behind Animals

According to the Association for Consumer Research, animals in marketing embody desirable cultural meanings.

Simply put, animals act as communication tools for brands. They are commonly associated with certain traits. For example, the fox that is resourceful or the butterfly that flutters freely.

In turn, animals transfer these desirable cultural meanings to their associated companies.

For a browser that wants to be seen as fast access to the internet, a fox is a great symbol. The butterfly is a good representation of a search engine that wants to help you roam the internet.

There's an inherent emotional connection that humans have with animals. They are captivating to humans. Companies and advertisers leverage that emotional connection to their advantage.

For example, using an animal in a logo is a great way to convey the company's core values and mission in one image.

Animals can also make the company easier to identify and the brand more memorable.

Test Your Knowledge

Can you guess which animals belong to the following insurance companies?

Aflac, Nationwide, GEICO, MetLife, Elephant Auto Insurance, The Hartford, Applied Underwriters, ING Group.

Keep track of your answers, and compare to the answer key after the quiz.

Gecko on tree branch 1. We'll start off easy. This animal made its first appearance during the 2000 television season and quickly became an advertising icon.
Elephant 2. This company adopted an elephant named Gypsy. She currently lives at the PAWS Sanctuary in California.
Duck 3. This annoyingly-voiced duck made it's TV debut in 2000. Four years later, it was inducted into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.
Stag 4. First seen in 1861, this animal represents 200 years of strength and stability. It also symbolizes the company's vision for the future. The company used color in its logo for the first time in 1996. They chose burgundy because it represents power and leadership.
Beagle Dog
5. This company reportedly pays $12 million a year in licensing rights for this popular comic strip canine.
Lion 6. The color of this company's logo goes all the way back to its Dutch roots. Orange is the national color of the Netherlands.
eagle flying 7. In 2014, this company changed its logo to include an eagle as it resonated well with customers.
saint bernard dog 8. The Saint Bernard represents strength, dependability, intelligence and diligence. Something this company prides themselves on, too.

Let us know in the comments how many you got right. Thought this was quiz was too easy? If we get enough shares, we'll do another tougher quiz!

1. GEICO 2. Elephant Auto Insurance 3. Aflac 4. The Hartford 5. MetLife 6. ING Group
7. Nationwide 8. Applied Underwriters.

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