Proven Ways to Advertise Your Insurance Website

May 24, 2013

What do you do when you want to be noticed? Advertise!

It's the tried-and-true way to increase consumer awareness. I know what you're thinking - that can be pricey! Well push aside those old assumptions- not all advertising is expensive! Today we will discuss some free - and some not free - ways to advertise your insurance website.

  • Of course there is the obvious - Social Media. Whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (to name a few) just always remember to create a backlink, i.e. provide a link to your website.
  • Start your own online discussion community. This could be through a blog, email or newsletter chain, chat room or discussion list. People like to feel like they're a part of something and even more like they're being heard. A healthy back-and-forth will get customers returning to your site to see what others have said.
  • Find e-zines, blogs and websites that accept article submissions. Submit an article including your website address and business information, and this will do two things:
    • It will give credence to you as a professional - you know your stuff!
    • It will create a backlink- a way to divert someone from the page they are viewing over to your site.
  • Print's not dead - especially local print! Consider a blurb in local newspapers, magazines, business or informational brochures, and occasionally postcards, mailers or fliers.
  • Speaking of local, don't forget the easiest way of all - leave business cards, leaflets or fliers in local hubs. These could include coffee houses, cafes, and message boards at the public library, recreation center or community centers.
  • Consider pay-per-click, but only if you have the money to spare.
  • Use your car! Vinyl magnetic decals are cheaper than ever before, and they're an easy on-and-off of the vehicle you already have. Use large, clear, easy to read print in eye-catching colors. Be sure to utilize this technique especially in high-volume areas where your car will be seen. This could be while driving downtown, through event areas, during rush hour traffic, even all day in the parking lot at an amusement park! Think of it - you will literally be driving traffic to your site!
  • Don't forget the ultimate standby every agent lives by - referrals, or word of mouth. ALWAYS keep a stack of business cards on you to hand out at parties, gatherings, functions, heck- even to perfect strangers!

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