Part 2: Your Site Was Penalized by Penguin 2.0... What Now?

July 15, 2013


Time to De-Optimize

Just like you optimize something, you can de-optimize something. Hopefully you kept a list of websites where you have built backlinks. If not, you can use tools like Open Site Explorer or ahrefs to find most of your backlinks. When you build links for the future, make sure to vary the anchor text that you use. Once you know where all of your links are coming from, start changing some of the anchor text. You might have to email site owners to get the text changed, but it is worth it.

Remove Suspicious Links

Anyone can link to your website so there could be some links that you didn't create. Once you find your backlinks using the same tools above, identify suspicious links you didn't create. You should remove some of these suspicious links as they could be harming your website. Similar to above, you might have to contact site owners to get the links removed. As a last resort, you can also use Google's Disavow Tool to cut down the bad links coming to your site.

Build, Build, Build

Now it's time to start building good backlinks again. Once you have removed the bad links, you need to replace them with high quality ones. A quick Google search can bring up different ways to build backlinks, and there are a few guides that I would suggest as well:

And make sure to keep alternating the anchor text with the new links. For example, my faux insurance company located in Dallas might be Phillip Long Insurance. I would use these variations in anchor text:

  • Branded - Phillip Long Insurance
  • Keywords - Dallas Auto Insurance - Dallas Home Insurance - Dallas Insurance
  • Random - click here - visit us - contact us
  • Long Tail - Get low cost insurance with Phillip Long Insurance - Learn more at Phillip Long Insurance

At ITC we strive to keep our customers at the top of the rankings using tested and proven techniques. Most insurance agencies offer a broad range of services that have to account for. When we build backlinks, we follow a specific plan that has given proven results. Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other major search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis so we stay current on trends to give our customers the best SEO services.



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