Operation Agency Success: Twitter

March 6, 2013

Twitter and other social media can drive traffic to your website, promote your agency, share insurance information and knowledge, increase your online visibility and build relationships with potential customers. In our latest video, Laird discusses tips on how to get more followers and ideas of what to post to Twitter.

Video Transcription

Today, let's talk about Twitter. Twitter is a news-like feed service that allows you to post short stories or links to stories on a quickly evolving, always updated forum. So how do you actually get followers to follow you on Twitter?

Well, the best way is to ask. Just ask, "Are you on Twitter? I'll follow you if you follow me." Explain to them by them following you, they're going to get a lot of great information about their policy, about their agency that they've chosen as well as good information and sometimes a lot of fun.

So what do you do when you get a follower? The first thing to do is thank them. Thank them nicely. Make the thank you personal. "Thank you for following us, and I'm glad that you're such a great customer. It was great to see you today." Make it personal. That's the key to Twitter is that you create this ongoing conversation that just happens in small little snippets.

So what do you post on Twitter? Where do you get information to post on Twitter? First of all, follow what you like. If you like certain events going on in the industry or certain events in your neighborhood, post those on Twitter, and people will see those. Important news stories, such as disasters or community events, post them on Twitter.

Also, don't forget to watch your Twitter feed. Watch what your followers are saying and then comment on those as well. Engage them. A good way to engage them is look, did they have a baby, did they get a new car? Whatever it might be, you engage them and say, "Hey, that's great news. Maybe we should look at your policy." See where I'm going with that? It's a great way to engage customers.

So you might ask, "Where do I find followers?" The first place is just asking your own customers and say, "Do you have a Twitter account? Follow me and I'll follow you". This engages them directly. But there's other ways to find people on Twitter. You can use the search facility to actually look for people that are in your industry, that are in your neighborhood, or have similar likes.

You can also search on keywords that are pertinent to insurance, buying a new car, having a baby. Those are all great ways to find people that are in your community that are having events that correspond with your agency.

Finally, follow who other people are following. If they are following this person, then it's a good chance that they have similar interests and likes that you do and like your agency. Follow your followers and their followers and create this ever expanding network of people that follow you and that you follow. It's just a wealth of information that you can mine. Get new customers and to engage current customers.

To learn more about how ITC can help you with your social strategy, contact us at www.GetITC.com or call us at 1-800-383-3482. Don't forget to follow us.

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