Operation Agency Success: The Importance of Mobile

February 7, 2013 Laird Rixford

90% of U.S. adults own a mobile phone, and 50% of those mobile phones are smartphones. This number is continuing to go up. In our latest video, Laird will discuss what makes mobile so important and what your mobile-friendly insurance website should have.

Video Transcription

Let's talk about mobile insurance agency websites. Most agencies these days have a website, and if you don't, you know who to contact. But if you do, your website should be really mobile friendly, and when I talk about mobile friendly I talk about that it's easy to use on a mobile device, such as a Smartphone.

One of the things that a mobile friendly website should have is that it should be touch friendly. That way all the navigation could be done in a very touch friendly way. The next thing that you really want to see on this is all the information that you have on your main website just condensed down to a smaller format. The reason for this is a lot of people use mobile devices exclusively, so why not have all the information on your main website as it is on your mobile website.

The next thing that you should really do on your mobile website is use the newer technology, such as HTML5. HTML5 is the genesis of years of evolution of web browsers and web technologies. With HTML5 you can make a uniform look and feel to your mobile device so that it shows the same on every device out there. So it looks the same on an iPhone or an Android tablet everywhere.

Another great thing about HTML5 is that it supports animations, and with these animations you can make Flash-like transitions without the use of a Flash plug-in. Where this is important is iPhones and iPads do not support Flash. So if you want to create a highly dynamic presence on your mobile website, you need to use HTML5 and these newer technologies.

On a mobile website you should limit the amount of entry that is required for the user to contact you. Most users are not going to want to type in a bunch of information on a virtual keyboard. It's cumbersome, especially on a small display. So what I would recommend that you do is limit these to very basic fields, such as first name, last name, email address, phone number, and what line of business they're interested in or what they were looking for on your mobile website.

This allows customers to quickly input the information, click submit, and get on with their day. That way you have that information, and you can then act upon it by contacting them via online methods or by phone, to really make the mobile web presence a lead generation site. The Insurance Website Builder does all of this for you. It includes an HTML5 friendly mobile site. It includes finger friendly navigation. It includes very limited entry on the forms, allowing customers to quickly and easily use your site.

In addition, it also includes all the blogs. It includes all the information you have on your main site and condenses it down to that small format for you, all of this at no charge. To learn more about ITC and the
Insurance Website Builder, please visit us at GetITC.com or call us 1-800-383-3482.

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