Operation Agency Success: Employee Buy In


Have you asked your employees what they think of your insurance agency website? Ask them what your clients think. Have you asked your employees about your comparative rater or agency management system? Getting your employees' buy in on these technology decisions can make your employees happier and your agency better. ITC CEO Laird Rixford explains.

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Video Transcript

A lot of times when I'm out talking in the industry, I talk about everything as marketing. And one of the things you have to do as an agency owner is to market to your own employees. 

You need to get their buy in. You need to make them part of the team. You need to ask them questions to see what they want, what challenges they are getting in everyday business, because when you ask they are going to appreciate it and they are going to tell you.

And that in turn is going to make them work better, and it's going to make your agency do better. 

One of the ways that you can get employees to buy in is to include them in the technology buying decisions. 

For example, if you're out there going and buying a new agency website, hint hint, you need to say what are our consumers wanting? What are people asking for? What do you like about our current site? What do you don't like about our current site? 

Get their buy in. And once you get their buy in, you explain to other people in the agency why you decided to move your website. Tell them what makes that website even better, what makes it great. 

The same thing applies to your comparative rater. Whenever you make a decision to move to a new comparative rater, why did you make that decision? How is it going to improve the employee's workflow? How is it going to improve their life?

If they're able to quote faster, or if they're able to close more business, whatever it may be, explain that to them so they have a buy in. They are energized to use the new product. 

And finally, agency management system. If you have an agency management system that is not quite cutting it, and you decide to move to a new one, then explain to your agents why you're moving to a - Moving to a management system is difficult.

It's time consuming. You have to learn a new process. There's new ways of entering things. There's a lot of heartache when it comes to moving management systems. 

Therefore, explain to them why. Whenever they're complaining - 'Oh, this is so hard, this is so difficult,' you now can explain to them, 'This is why it's hard, this is why it's difficult, but this is what it's going to do for us. This is  how it's going to improve our agency. '

So I ask you, when you're working to build a new technology front in your agency, whether it be new websites, new marketing campaigns, new comparative rater, or a new management system, is you need to get your employees to buy in and make them part of the decision. 

Because when you do, they will be happier employees for it. 


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