Operation Agency Success: AgencyBuzz and Email Marketing for Insurance

January 9, 2013 Laird Rixford

Insurance agents who use email marketing can improve their close rate by relying on automation features like drip emails to follow up on a prospect. Join Laird Rixford and Jennifer Fitzsimmons as they talk about AgencyBuzz and how it can help improve your email marketing.

Video Transcription

Let's talk about AgencyBuzz and insurance email marketing. Let me introduce you to Jennifer. She's the lead on our AgencyBuzz email marketing software. Email marketing is great because what it does is it allows you to keep in the forefront of your customer's and prospect's minds. It allows you to send drip email campaigns to them with very stylized and wonderful looking emails.

So how does AgencyBuzz do this for you? Well, first of all, it allows you to send drip campaigns on a regular schedule, based upon what line of business and what prospect status they are. For example, if you had an auto lead come in. If you don't close that lead in the first seven days, there's not a high likelihood that you're going to get the business.

So what AgencyBuzz does is it sends one or two, maybe three, emails during that first week and also sends you a reminder saying, "Hey, call these people and make sure they're following up on a quote." If after that you have not won the business, then AgencyBuzz can send an email five months later saying, "Hey, just checking in" because a lot of policies are six month based, and it allows you another opportunity to gain back that business. Finally, you can send another one six months later after that, so you're always constantly in the forefront of someone's mind.

Another great example, in my opinion, is life insurance. I know that a lot of life insurance agents give up quite a bit. It's a tiresome, cumbersome process to close life insurance prospects. So how does AgencyBuzz help that? You can send an email once or twice a month for the next two years all on an automated fashion.

The next thing is that AgencyBuzz had a lot of great built-in content. It has built-in content, built-in designs that are really well done that's going to allow you to quickly create emails that can go out for your agency. In addition, AgencyBuzz allows you to send text messages. So you can send an email to a prospect and then three emails later send a text message so you're engaging them on multiple platforms. Email marketing will do wonders for your agency. It allows you to consistently send emails to your customers, keeping you and your agency in the forefront of their minds.

In conclusion, AgencyBuzz can help your agency deliver an effective email marketing campaign. Studies have shown that email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing tactic. So why are you not using it for your agency? If you combine AgencyBuzz with your agency website and all of the other products that can help automate the marketing of your agency, your agency will succeed.

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