Not Getting Many Quote Requests from Your Insurance Website?


The secret to a great insurance agency website that helps generate leads for the agency is a good call to action. A call to action (CTA) tells visitors exactly what you want them to do. For example, Get a Quote lets your visitors know that they can submit a request online to get an insurance quote.

Simply having a CTA isn't enough to generate leads. The visibility, design and location impact the type of response you'll receive.


The size of your CTA is proportional to its visibility and whether a visitor will click on it. Make it too small, and the CTA will go unnoticed and get few clicks giving you fewer leads. Make it too big, and visitors may view your CTA as too loud and tacky. Typically speaking, your CTA needs to be large enough to stand out without overwhelming the design of your insurance agency website.


The design of your CTA can also affect its visibility. Using images or graphics can help draw your visitor's attention to your CTA naturally, thus increasing its impact on the page and your conversion rate. Also it's a great idea to give your CTA enough room to breathe on its own. By that I mean using white, or negative, space to focus a visitor's attention on your CTA as it won't be competing with the other design elements of your insurance website.


For your CTA to really be effective, it must be somewhere above the fold. Above the fold refers to the area of your insurance agency website that is visible without scrolling. As monitors can vary drastically in size, there is no set definition for the amount of space that defines above the fold. However, a good rule of thumb we use is to keep all important content in the first 600 pixels of the website. This important content could include images, contact information, navigation and CTAs. Why have your CTA above the fold? 77% of website visitors do not scroll.

For the other 23% of visitors, it's always a good idea to have a follow up CTA towards the bottom of the page, especially if it's a page with a lot of content. You might see this done for blog posts. Don't just reuse the CTA you had above the fold. Instead, make it relevant to the information on that particular page.

If your visitors are not converting into leads and you think it is because your CTA is getting lost on your insurance website, try these tips to improve your CTA's visibility.


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