No Sweat! Try These 10 Blogging Ideas for August!

July 20, 2015

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Coming up with fresh content for your agency month after month is a tough task. This is especially true during the summer when there's so much to do. So, why not let us do the grunt work for you?

I've compiled 10 ideas for your agency's blogs and email newsletters this August.

  1. Book Lover's Day (August 9): Have you read any good books lately? Sharing your favorites is a great way to connect with clients on a more personal level, especially through your agency's social media channels.

  2. Back to School: Between shopping for school supplies and new clothing, parents are often frazzled during back to school season. Help make their lives a bit simpler by compiling a shopping list of items your staff and families have found helpful when kicking off the new school year.

  3. Road Trip Safety: Summer is road-trip season. Offer some driving safety tips, gas saving tips or even explain how your clients can earn coverage discounts.

  4. Lawn Care: Many types of grasses and plants wither in the summer heat. Offer tips for lawn care and gardening so your clients can enjoy lush yards as the season changes.

  5. National Dog Day (August 26): Pet pictures get more likes and comments on social media than almost any other type of post. Take advantage of this fun holiday to share photos of your staff's pooches.

  6. Dorm Security: Your clients may have teens who are prepping to move into their first dorm room, and there's much to be learned about keeping personal belongings secure in a more public situation. This is a great topic to discuss and can be tied back to home insurance as well.

  7. Renters Insurance: Instead of a dorm room, your clients may have teens who are moving into an off-campus apartment. Many college students believe their stuff will still be covered by their parents' home insurance, but sometimes that may not be the case. Now is the time to discuss why renters insurance is vital.

  8. Controlling Road Rage: Weekday commutes are often shorter during summer because school is out and families are on vacation. Share tips on how to control road rage now so when commutes fill up with more traffic later, your clients can adjust easily.

  9. Binge-worthy Netflix Shows: Lots of people have more free time during summer, and they naturally crave more entertainment. Share some of the shows you've been binging on Netflix. This can also help open up a fun discussion with your clients.

  10. Home Warranties: It's not uncommon for a home's air conditioning unit to break down during the summer while working on overdrive to fend off the heat. However, many people are disappointed to learn their home insurance may not cover the repairs. This is a great opportunity to explain the differences between home insurance and home warranties, and how the two go hand in hand.

What are you waiting for? Fire up your word processor and start writing some great content for your agency.

Did you think of any topic ideas we may have missed? We'd love to hear them in the comments section below.


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