Need to Find a Policy?

September 20, 2011

We've taken some opportunities with our upcoming release to enhance the screen that you use to find policies. Our goal for the changes on this screen is to help you find your policies faster. To accomplish this, we've

  • Removed paging and gave you control over limiting the number of results returned
  • Improved and optimized data access for a faster, more stable experience
  • Given you more control over what policy statuses you want returned
    • You will be able to select any combination of statuses instead of only selecting a single status
  • Given you more control over what part of the name you are searching for
    • Select from Begins with, Contains, or Ends with; currently, InsurancePro assumes Contains
  • Changed how the phone number field is used
    • The phone number field will be searched from the right. This means if you type in 1 digit, it will find all policies with a phone number with that digit as the last number. This implies that you can simply ask for the last 4 digits of a customer's phone number, enter it in the Home Phone field, and find the policy that you need quickly
  • Given you the ability to hide the search parameters so you can view more results on the screen at one time
    • If your desktop is small, click on the "Hide Search Parameters" link to view more results on the screen at the same time.

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