Myths of Graphic Design People Still Believe

September 19, 2016

designer at deskSince the first cave paintings, myths have surrounded graphic designers and their work.

Some of these myths are harmless. But, some can set high expectations that we can't meet. If your insurance agency is working with a graphic designer, be careful.

Below are five common myths about graphic design. Understanding the truth behind these myths can make the insurance website design process easier. It can also help you find success with your new website.

Graphic Design is Easy

One myth that grinds a designer's gears is the assumption that it's easy to be a graphic designer.

Yes, we spend time in front of the computer clicking away. But, designing isn't easy and stress-free. Graphic design is just as, if not more, stressful than other jobs.

For example, designers should be able to take criticism for their work and not take it personally. They also are responsible for successfully bridging the gap between a client and their audience.

To do our job right, we must have experience, deep knowledge, and dedication.

Graphic Designers Know Everything

We don't. We cringe whenever we hear the phrase, 'Whatever you think is best.'

Without any type of instruction, we'll definitely design something kickass. But our default mode is our own individual style, which may not be your style.

Since we can't read your mind and know what your style is, there's a chance you'll hate what you see. By not being more specific with your instructions, you can make the process longer.

Think through the visual message you want to tell. If you want something to pop, explain what pop means to you.

Graphic Designers Can Create a Design Fast

Its 2016, everything is faster including the computers we work on. So shouldn't we be able to design something in mere hours from concept to realization?

Yes, using a computer makes us more efficient. But, good insurance website design can take time.

If this expectation is not set correctly, it can result in an angry client. We don't want an angry client! Plus, a rushed job will likely end up being a botched job.

A good graphic designer will let you know if a project will take longer than expected. He or she can also explain what can save the project.

There are great graphic designers out there who can create amazing insurance website design. (Like our team here at ITC.)

How can you tell a great graphic designer from a mediocre one? Don't miss my next post!

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