Multico Moves to Cloud Computing Infrastructure

April 30, 2013

Cloud Computing

SEATTLE, WA (April 30, 2013) - Multico Rating Systems, a leading provider of insurance rating solutions, today announced that they will be moving to a cloud computing infrastructure, a technology that will allow for more efficient computer operations, improved security and reduced costs. Multico's migration from dedicated servers to a more cost-efficient and flexible cloud environment will occur late Sunday evening, May 5, 2013 with minimal downtime.

Expected benefits include:

  • Improved Reliability - Our expansive network across multiple data centers will ensure the highest level of network uptime available in the market today.
  • Greater Security - A managed hosting environment with real-time monitoring will provide greater protection against network attacks and system tampering.
  • Faster Rating Experience - Multico's rating products will be hosted by an expansive intelligent network of high performance servers that will allow users to leverage rating technology at faster speeds with minimum downtime.
  • Superior Customer Support - Staff will be able to focus more intently on its core mission of serving our customers without worrying about managing the underlying data center and related computer equipment.

'Our new cloud environment will help us bring new capabilities to market more quickly and will enable our development team to focus on feature development rather than routine systems administration tasks,' said Charles Anderson, President of Multico Rating Systems. 'The combination of cloud technology, world-class customer support and our award winning rating software creates the positive experience and quality of service that meets the high standards for which Multico is known.'

About Multico Rating Systems
Multico Rating Systems, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, has been a pioneer in the insurance software industry since 1986. Multico specializes in point-of-sale systems for insurance carriers and premium comparison and consumer access quoting for independent agents. More information can be found at

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