MSB and Multico Rating Systems Create Once and Done Homeowners Transactions

January 9, 2013

MSBMilwaukee, WI (January 9, 2013) - Marshall & Swift/Boeckh ('MSB'), the leading provider of building cost data and estimating technology to the property insurance industry, and Multico Rating Systems, Inc., a leading provider of innovative software to the insurance industry, have entered into a partnership agreement to provide Multico-Online™ clients with the seamless integration of pre-filled property data using MSB's Residential Component Technology™ (RCT). Utilizing this technology, Multico-Online now enables real-time 'once and done' Insurance to Value (ITV) processing to improve speed and workflow efficiencies, leading to greater productivity and increased revenue opportunities for agents and carriers.

For Agents, this means:
• Faster, more accurate homeowners quotes
• Fewer data entry errors

For Carriers, this means:
• More quotes
• Better business

With this innovative solution, Multico-Online will pre fill building characteristics and other information needed for completion of homeowners insurance applications using MSB's InterChange™ service. Then, utilizing MSB's new Grand Central Express™ (GCX) web-hosted network, valuation requests will be simultaneously routed to multiple carriers on MSB web -hosted sites (RCT Express™ sites) for that agent.

'MSB is committed to solving some of the biggest challenges facing agents writing homeowners business in the marketplace today,' says Jerry Fox, MSB's Vice President of Agency Operations. 'With our InterChange and GCX services, the ITV process is truly a real-time transaction. Combining Multico-Online and MSB's web-hosted network significantly enhances the rating process by expediting quoting and reducing duplicate entry errors. This is a real win-win situation for Multico's clients and the carrier network using RCT Express.'

'This new integration adds tremendous value to our customers' workflow, enabling a much more seamless interview process through Multico-Online's homeowners rating component,' said Charles Anderson, President of Multico Rating Systems. 'The ability to receive Insurance to Value data from MSB will dramatically streamline the rating process by improving the speed and accuracy of homeowners rate generation.'

About Multico Rating Systems
Multico Rating Systems, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, has been a pioneer in the insurance software industry since 1986. Multico specializes in point-of-sale systems for insurance carriers and premium comparison and consumer access quoting for independent agents. More information can be found at

About Marshall & Swift/Boeckh
Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MSB), a Decision Insight Information Group company, is the leading provider of building cost information, residential and commercial analytics solutions and book of business management services for the property insurance companies, financial services organizations and government entities. MSB offers the industry's most extensive and validated underwriting and claims property data. Throughout their eight decades of experience, they have compiled a strong track record of consistently developing innovative property solutions, analyzing our clients' operations and providing them with the assistance needed to dramatically improve their business results. This track record continues today as they serve as the hub for all of their clients' property needs and work tirelessly to help them maximize their profitability and achieve a competitive advantage. More information can be found at

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