ICYMI: Future-Proofing Your Agency's Search Visibility

April 20, 2017 Dylan Brooks

Masters of Marketing

What's next?

It's a question that comes up a lot in the insurance world these days, as search technology and consumer habits continue to evolve at a breakneck pace.

Keeping up with this evolution can be a bit dizzying. Even discouraging.
But what if you could adapt your agency marketing strategy to prepare for any curveballs the future of search might throw at it?

In this Masters of Marketing webinar, I dive into what that a future proof search marketing strategy looks like. I also introduce some emerging search technologies this strategy can help you dominate in the next few years.

I've included a short summary of my presentation below. But if you want to be ahead of the curve, you should watch the recording here or review the slides below.

What's on Tap for Search

Search marketing looks far different today than it did a mere five years ago. Search engines now on providing answers to consumers' in-the-moment needs. This is the one and only goal, regardless of where consumers are or what type of device they're searching from.

In the coming years, the search industry will continue to close the gap between consumers and search results. Voice search, personal assistants, virtual reality and location search will gain traction. And these emerging technologies will make search a seamless part of our lives.


Shoring Up Your Strategy

These emerging search innovations are already impacting marketing strategy. The stage is set, and the path forward is clear. Your agency must work to be there for consumers in their moment of need. This means:

  • Leveraging research to understand the various needs consumers might have
  • Building a cohesive content strategy to satisfy these needs individually
  • Forging connections with your community to bolster consumer trust
  • Repeating these steps across various tech devices and consumer contexts

This framework is anchored on proving relevance and trust — the two continual pillars of search marketing. And while the strategy take some careful thought and planning at first, it will be easy to adapt to any new search innovations that come down the pike.

Measuring Success

Of course, you will need to measure the results of your future-proof search marketing strategy to see if it's working. But you will need to look beyond search rankings and website traffic numbers to get a good read on your campaign.

Why? Well, many new search technologies will bypass both search results pages and your website. Yet, these new forms of search will still bring your agency prospects. So, it's crucial that you measure search marketing success more holistically.

You will want to survey your customers on how they found you. Also, determine which devices they used throughout the process. Make sure there all devices or consumer needs are accounted for. Your success depends on providing a great experience to consumers — no matter where they're searching from, or what they're searching for.

By understanding what's coming and how to prepare for it, you'll be ahead of the search marketing curve. And your agency will stand to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Want to see more? View the slides from the presentation below. Watch the recording here.



Don't forget to join us next month on May 18th at 12:00 p.m. CT for "The Bare Necessities: Your Homepage Checklist" hosted by Website Coordinator Karly Baker.


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