Make Your Insurance Website Worth Your Blood, Sweat and Tears

December 12, 2014

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Insurance has become an internet-driven industry as consumers start their search online. Because of this shift, in most instances your website will serve as your agency's first impression. As your chance to make a good first impression, it is important your website separates you from your competitors.

So what makes a good insurance agency website? High-quality design, simple navigation, strong calls to action, easy to use forms, good content, search engine fitness. This is where the professionals come in handy.

There's nothing worse than putting all your blood, sweat and tears into a do-it-yourself website to have it be a total bust. Don't get me wrong. You can build a website on your own . But, to maximize your time and effort, you might want to hire an insurance website expert who can streamline the process.

When choosing your website designer, consider these five tips.

  1. Get Involved in the Design Phase

    The design phase is the most important step in determining how your website will look. No one knows your agency better than you. It's important you're involved in choosing the design and structure of your website. Make sure everything on your website, including content, photos and videos, is what you want your clients and prospects to remember about your agency.

  2. Don't Forget SEO

    Just because a website looks good, doesn't mean it's doing your agency any justice. Make your website visible to search engines. Search engine optimization can increase where your insurance website ranks in search engine results, which can pull in traffic. SEO is another online marketing tactic you can do yourself. We have a ton of blog posts on the subject so you can use this blog as a resource. But, be wary. SEO can get complicated, and it's always changing as search engines adjust their algorithms. Hiring an expert to handle the technical aspects of SEO for you while you focus on your agency is another option.

  3. Link to Social Media Pages

    Your business card includes all means in which a client can contact you. Your insurance agency website is many things. It's also your online business card and should include every method for contacting your agency. This includes social media. Don't ignore social media. It should be a part of your whole digital marketing plan. Make sure to display your social media profiles on your website so your clients and prospects can follow you.

  4. Make It an Easy Edit

    Mistakes happen; changes occur. Your website should be flexible and evolve as your clients and agency does. Choose a website provider that will give you access so you can make changes when needed.

  5. Mobile Accessible is a Must

    We're a society addicted to mobile devices who want view everything from our cell phones. You don't need a mobile app to be accessible on a mobile device. A mobile-enabled insurance agency website will adapt to smartphones and tablets offers the same functionality and features visitors want. When choosing a website developer, ask about including a mobile-friendly website as of your website design.

Designing a website for your agency doesn't have to be hard. Remember all the variables it takes to make a website successful, and you'll build a site worth all the effort and time you put into it.

Got a question about the website design process? Leave a comment below.


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