Location, Location, Location: Location Pages for Your Insurance Agency

June 1, 2016

Map PinThere are a lot of reasons why you would pick a certain city or neighborhood for your agency's office. For example, most agencies pick their office location based on the clients they want.

When it comes to digital marketing, your location is just as important online as it is off.

In this blog, I'll touch on the main page elements you need to include on each location's page. I have also provided an example of a page we created for one of our clients.

What is a Location Page?

Most agencies find value in gaining online traffic from their city. Dedicated location pages can help your online visibility. Keep in mind this strategy is specifically for agencies with more than one location.

A location page indicates to Google you want to be relevant in a particular city.

So, think about how you will organize your location pages.

If you have many locations in one city, consider pages based on your locations' neighborhoods. For example, a location page for your downtown office and a page for your suburban office.

Or, if your agency has locations across many cities or states, separate them that way. For example, you can separate your offices in Dallas and Oklahoma by state.

There are certain elements to a location page you will want to include.

Title and H1

It is important to include your city or state in the title and H1 (heading) tags of each location page you make. Each title and H1 tag should be different from the other location pages, even if it is only changing the city listed.

Unique Content

Each page should have unique content on it. The quality of the content is important, so don't sacrifice quality for length.

If you are struggling to write quality unique content for all 30 of your locations, you aren't alone. Adding a unique testimonial to each location page can add content Google can read.


Include your address on the listing. Make sure you have directions to it either in text or a link to Google Maps.

Does the location have a P.O. Box? You should mention it if you do.

Embedded Verified Map

Embed a Google Map that has been verified for the Google My Business page for that location.

If you need help getting started with Google My Business, check out this post. Here is how to get the embed code:

1. Go to Google Maps and search for your business.
2. Select the location you need the map for.
3. Click the hamburger menu in the top left.
4. Click Share or Embed Map.
5. At the top of the box that appears, click Embed Map.
6. Customize the size you need to fit your page on the left.
7. Copy and paste the code into the website.


Make sure your hours are accurate for each location. Open on Saturdays? Make sure you include that information.

Review Websites

Link to websites where your clients can review you. Have a sentence or two asking people to review your agency. Let them know where they can see the reviews you have already.


Include a photo of the location so people can recognize it if they go there. If possible, include that location's employees in the photo for an added personal touch.

Other Offices

Link to a couple of the other closest locations. This helps the interlinking within your insurance agency website.


Add schema markup to your pages. You can help Google see some of the important elements on your page this way.

Google and humans read code differently. The code should be fore Google. You can test to see what Google see's on your page after you mark it up here.

With all those ideas in mind, here is an example of a page we have done for one of our clients, Peachstate Insurance. You can see all these elements on their location page.

Peachstate Insurance Location Page

If you have any questions about locations pages, let us know in the comments. We would be happy to help!

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