Link Building Strategies That Work in 2014

September 29, 2014

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Search engine optimization is always changing. If you want your insurance agency website to stay visible, you will need to know what's going on in the SEO industry. Searching for SEO on is an easy way to keep track of current trends. If you don't have time to read up on SEO on a regular basis, here's an overview of how SEO has changed recently, including link building strategies that work.

Beware of the Easy Backlink
Back in the day, it was fairly simple to gain backlinks. SEO practitioners submitted website links to web directories by the thousands. Web directories are lists of websites that are broken down by categories and subcategories. This categorization is typically based on the entire website rather than a single page or set of keywords, and a website is usually limited to inclusion in a handful of categories. This method used to work but does not anymore. The only web directory that has any value nowadays is, but it is next to impossible to get your submission approved by its editors.

Guest Blogging: Is It Dead?
The short answer: yes, it's pretty much dead. There was a time where you could write a blog, and your payment was a link back to your website from that blog post. If SEO is the sole intention of your guest blogging, you shouldn't do it because you cannot outsmart Google.

Quality guest posting opportunities are far and few between, so if you didn't have to work hard to guest post for a website, chances are the backlink you would've gained is either worthless or will hurt you. You are better off creating useful and engaging content for your own insurance website. Great content is worth its weight in gold.

Partners Pages
If you have a Gold or Platinum Insurance Website Builder plan, you have access to partner pages. This valuable tool is a great way to earn a reciprocal link to your website.

How it works: If a potential partner website has a place to add a link to your website, you can ask the partner to swap links.

There are about 2,100 custom images for the pre-defined partner categories in partner pages. You can also add brief descriptions, logos, physical addresses, phone numbers and a map with directions to this page. There is even the option to add the partners' social media links and a lead generation form that emails the prospect's information to the partner.

Social Media is King?
Instead of putting all that effort into finding backlinks that don't mean as much as they did, use your valuable time posting on social media. According to Searchmetrics, Google+, Facebook and Twitter activity represents seven of the 11 most important rankings factors in 2014. Don't be afraid to be unique, interesting or even zany if your business model allows it

Keep in mind these suggestions will not produce results overnight. It can take many months of constant effort on your part so stay the course. Don't quit or you'll never know how close you were to succeeding.

If you're thinking about getting SEO help, call us for a free digital agency marketing consultation at (800) 383-3482, or leave a comment below, and we'll get in touch. We have many options that may be a great fit for you.

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