Let’s Get Visual: Using Images to Engage Your Audience

August 12, 2015

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Social media is a great way to not only stay in touch with your clients and potential clients but also to engage with them. Today, one of the most effective ways to engage your followers and fans is by using visual content.

Visual content has grown over the years, specifically since major social media networks have amplified the importance of images and videos. So, if you're interested in generating a higher user engagement on your insurance agency's social media pages, here are a few things you can try.

Create Quote or Testimonial Graphics
Want to share some of your favorite quotes or showcase some great testimonials your agency has received? Why not make them into a graphic. This way, it's pleasing to the eye and shows your clients how much you appreciate getting their feedback.

Use Visuals to Thank Your Followers and Fans
When you reach a milestone like getting 100 likes or having an agency anniversary near, thank your fans by creating a fun visual. This also makes your agency seem more accessible and can garner a lot of congratulatory comments.

Share or Create Your Own Funny Memes
Memes have become social media sensations. Get in on the fun by sharing a funny meme here and there or creating your own. There are several meme generating websites that allow you to make a meme in a matter of minutes. And the best part is that people love to share memes.

Spark Interest with an Infographic
Infographics can inject a little fun into even the most boring subjects. For instance, when we post an infographic on social media, it usually garners a good amount of likes and retweets. So take advantage of these little diagram images as they provide you with the chance to educate your followers. Also, remember to brand your infographic with your logo just in case it gets passed along to others.

Use Hashtags and Images Together
We've mentioned time and time again about hashtags and how they can take your social media posts to a whole new level. By combining hashtag campaigns with any visual post, you will encourage your fans and followers to share it and boost brand recognition. This is especially true if you're running a contest or sponsoring an event.

Using visuals instead of written content is a great way to break up the monotony of your insurance agency's social media posts. Visuals are fun, helps your agency stand out, increases your social media visibility and creates better engagement with your fans and followers.

What visual content have you used in the past? Share your ideas with us by leaving them below.

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