Keeping the Magic Alive: 4 Ways to Keep Your Website Fresh

typing on laptop keyboard'Are we done, now?'

A customer asked me that question the other day after I took their website live. It seems innocuous enough.

I'm sure they just meant their time with me, but it made me think. Does anybody truly believe their involvement in their website is over once it goes live?

George Lucas once said, in reference to Star Wars, 'A movie is never completed. It is only abandoned.' This is why you can find 3 completely different incarnations of the same Star Wars saga.

Some of the changes Lucas made have been... questionable. But, he may have been on to something. If you want to keep something fresh, it can't sit dormant.

A website, much like the beloved Star Wars franchise, can't fall into the dusty annals of history. Just because your website is live, it does not mean your work is over.

As a website consultant, I see too many people fall into that trap. They get this gorgeous website, and once it goes live, they sit back, relax and wait for the hits to come rolling in.

I'm here to tell you: the expectation of success without work is a false one. You need to work to keep it fresh, or suffer the consequences.

Here are some simple tips to keep your insurance website fresh and inviting long after it goes live:

1. Blog!

Why the excitement? I want to convey the importance of this point.

When consulting agents about their websites, I tell them blogging helps in two ways.

First, it's a way to stay connected with your clients. Insurance websites tend to be so impersonal, it's nice to have a real human voice to connect to. Some clients will be more drawn to you if they see you are a part of their community.

The other benefit of blogging is search engine optimization (SEO). One thing search engines want to see is unique content. By blogging, you use your own voice, and that will pay dividends in the end.

2. Update content

Keeping your website content updated is important for two reasons.

First, regulations change. Laws get repealed. Processes get streamlined. If outdated information from 2010 is still on your website, you will lose credibility.

Remember, prospects will have options when choosing a provider or an agent. Your outdated content will have you working from behind other agencies. It's no different than a history teacher with a map that still lists Czechoslovakia as a country.

Second, updates are necessary for SEO purposes. Blogging isn't the only way to keep your website ranking in search results.

Luckily, you don't have to rewrite every sentence on your insurance website. Reword some of the sections on your website.

Replace some of the fields on your forms. Add new information. Add new keywords if your area of influence grows, and you want to reach out to clients in new locations.

3. Update graphics

Remember the early days of the internet? Flashy, rainbow-colored banners and gradient overlays were all the rage.

What happened to those trends? They (mercifully) fell by the wayside.

In contrast, today's designs include solid, flat logos and minimalist color schemes.

How many times have you gone to a website and thought 'Man, this website is so two years ago!' It sounds extreme, but design trends move fast. You have to stay on top of them so people aren't driven away by the graphics of your website.

An easy way to freshen things up is to switch out images. If you have an Insurance Website Builder site, it's easy to update the images.

4. Refresh if all else fails

It's sound advice to update the graphics on your website if the bones are good. But, the whole thing may have aged beyond repair. If that's the case, my advice is to start with a new insurance website template.

Your clients will thank you for it, in the form of increased viewership and more returns.

Most of these items are not difficult. They only need a small amount of time during your week. Best of all, you will see the benefits over time.

Remember: Stay relevant and don't abandon your new agency website.

Do you have any questions or comments? Leave it below!

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