Keep It Simple: Insurance Website Design for the Modern Agency

March 2, 2015

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In the book The Elements of User Experience, Jesse James Garret explained that a user-centered website design is a big job but will deliver a better user experience.

We must understand that good insurance website design is not only aesthetics but functionality. The late Steve Jobs once said, 'Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.'

Functionality is essential to good design. If visitors have a bad experience, they will dislike your website and, by extension, you. And, they won't come back for a second try. Furthermore, you don't want to risk them sharing their experience with friends and family. This is why simple is best.

A simple insurance website design may be hard to achieve, but the benefits are worth the challenge. To achieve a simple design, you can use the user experience strategy. Here are five fundamentals to user experience in website design.

  1. Strategy

    Identify your visitors' needs. For your insurance agency, one visitor may need to buy insurance. The visitor will need to be able to compare a quote, choose and buy. Another visitor may want to add a driver to a policy or request a declaration page. Planning how your insurance agency website will be used is key.

  2. Scope

    Decide what content and functionality your insurance website will offer your visitors. For example, adding quote forms or a sign up form to your agency newsletters.

  3. Structure

    With a clear scope, you can move on to interaction design, which defines how your website behaves in response to your visitors. For example, if a visitor submits a quote form, where is he taken after he clicks Submit? This is where the information architecture comes in to play with structure. It predetermines the organizational and navigational scheme that allows visitors to navigate through your insurance agency website.

  4. Skeleton

    The skeleton of your website has three components.
    1. Interface design - Gives your visitors the ability to do things on your website with elements like buttons, fields and other interface components.

    2. Navigation design - Allows your users to go places on your website, i.e. navigation pages.

    3. Information design - Presents the information on your website to your visitor in a clear format. For example, using an icon of a car next to the text Auto Insurance Quote is a visual clue to identify the information.

  5. Surface

    The last one is surface. This is the visual design, and how the website will look. Your website's surface involves the principles of design, branding, typography, hierarchy, color theory, etc.

    Consider the following.
    1. Do not use more than two font styles on your site.
    2. Keep colors balanced, and use white backgrounds as a good visual breaking point.
    3. Stay up to date with design trends.
    4. Keep your site's visual branding coherent with your print materials.
    5. Stay away from extra decorative elements.
    6. In content headings should be a larger font size from the sub-headings, and body text smaller than the sub-headings to achieve hierarchy.

These five fundamentals are in the order they should be worked on, starting with strategy and finishing up with surface. However, you may have to go back a step or overlap as needed. Although this is plenty of work to do, the process will allow you to know what you are designing. You will not only deliver a functional website, but a much simpler design by eliminating the unnecessary.

Our insurance website designs meet the needs of the modern insurance agency to help them succeed and grow in this competitive market. If you need a website or a re-design of your current website, request a consultation with one of our insurance website experts.


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