Keep it Brief: How to Shorten Your Email Content

November 27, 2017 Malika James

Keep it short

As marketers, we often end up staring down blocks of text. We try to figure out how to make content easier to read and scan. And even when it seems we’ve condensed the information to send, the text is likely still too long.

There are many ways to shorten text. But, it’s important to ensure content retains its original message. All the following advice will help shorten your content, while enhancing comprehension.

  • Avoid unnecessary nouns and adjectives. We often make sentences longer by including nouns or adjectives where they aren’t required. The following sentences still communicate the same message, but one is more concise.

The nurse placed the sutures through the wounded skin. 

The nurse sutured the wound.

  • Choose active voice over passive voice. Active voice is more straightforward and assertive. It also tends to shorten sentences. Think of active voice as the most basic sentence structure. An active voice sentence reads like…

The doctor worked on his patient.

Simply put: Subject (he), then Verb (worked), then Object (his patient).

Passive voice rearranges this basic sentence structure: Object, then Verb, then Subject. Passive voice would alter the previous sentence to…

The patient was worked on by the doctor.

  • Delete words and sentences that do not add value. Your contacts want emails that are easy to scan and understand.

    Often, we reword the same information to emphasize its importance. That can sometimes make sentences much too long.

Without the ability to work and continue to provide for your family, they could have many problems paying bills, paying off debt, saving for college or retirement and keeping up with day-to-day bills. If you should become ill or injured and unable to work, long- and short-term disability products could supplement your income and protect your family.

Revision: If you become ill or unable to work, your bills still need to be paid. Disability products protect your family’s finances and keep your savings intact.

It can seem difficult to shorten your content. But, once you get started, you’ll be deleting words and sentences left and right! You don’t have to sacrifice the message for the length- you can have both. 

About the Author

Malika James

As an AgencyBuzz coordinator, Malika James helps insurance agents create emails and drip campaigns that foster genuine and organic relationships between agents and their contacts. It is her prevailing belief that the more human emails are, the more people become attached to the agents that serve them. Malika has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. A big dog lover, Malika also enjoys creative writing and live music.

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