ITC Marketing Crash Course

May 17, 2013

Instead of a brand new blog, we put together a list of popular blogs we have had over the past couple years and compiled a list for you! So, without further ado...


How to Write a Great Blog Post

Tips for Jump Starting Your Website

22 Ideas for Compelling Content When You've Got Writers Block

After You Blog

Social Media

Busting 3 Facebook Myths

Marketing Tips for LinkedIn

What is Facebook EdgeRank?

Don't Know What to Tweet About? 11 Ideas for When You Have Writers Block

Search Engine Optimization

Google Plus Local Listings and Organic Results: Can They Co-exist?

Don't Chase Google's Algorithm

Earning Backlinks vs Building Them

Why Anchor Text is Important

Email Marketing

How to Get People to Not Open Your Marketing Emails

How Retention Rate is Misleading Your Agency

Email Marketing and the Art of War

Using Images in Email: Are You Doing it Wrong?

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Are Your Producers Quoting Adequate Limits?
Are Your Producers Quoting Adequate Limits?

Producer's quoting activity should be monitored regularly to ensure they are quoting adequate limits.