It May be Time to Upgrade Your Insurance Website Design

August 31, 2015


There has been a lot of talk about Flash and websites nowadays. Mainly because web browsers have become firmer about using the latest version of Flash player. With all the recent advances in web technologies concerning Flash, it's pretty apparent that Flash as a web technology will be pushed out of the web design industry soon. Because of this, we recommend that if your insurance agency website contains Flash, you consider upgrading your website soon.

However, to better understand how these changes could be affecting your website, you first need to know how each browser is handling Flash elements.

A few months ago, Google announced its web browser Chrome will begin to 'intelligently pause' Flash elements that are not central to a website's experience. This means that if the browser pauses something a person is interested in like a Flash-based slideshow, they will have to take an extra step and turn it back on manually. This update is set to roll out in September.

In July, Mozilla began blocking older versions of Flash player by default. When Firefox blocks a Flash element, usually a gray box will appear in its place with a link to the add-ons tool. After clicking on the link, users have the option to make Firefox 'Ask to Activate.' Once that is selected, there is an option to run the Flash elements on a website.

Note: On Insurance Website Builder websites, the alternate content will still display if the version of Flash player being used is outdated.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer generally pushes updates to the latest versions of Flash player. This allows Flash elements to not being affected or blocked unless it is viewed through an old version of Flash player.

Why You Should Upgrade
With Insurance Website Builder websites, we have always created our websites to be compatible across all browsers. Because of this, there are no Insurance Website Builder websites that are created entirely in Flash. Our insurance website designs only use bits of Flash throughout a website making it easy and inexpensive to upgrade those areas.

While so far it appears browsers are only blocking Flash if a person is running an older version of Flash Player, trends prove that won't last long. Browsers are continuing to crackdown on Flash elements so it's important that you upgrade or replace your website's Flash elements as soon as possible. Failing to do so will only cause your website's usability to decrease, frustrate your visitors and harm your agency's online presence.

If you are interested in replacing the Flash on your website or purchasing a full website upgrade, contact a sales representative at (800) 383-3482 for more information.

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