Is Your Website Perfectly Optimized?

March 14, 2014

When your website is optimized well, it will have a better chance of ranking highly in search engines, earning traffic from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ among others. Your website will also be worthy of backlinks and shares from across the web and it can facilitate in building your brand, trust and potential to convert prospects into customers.


Content and Graphics

Great quality content and graphics are a must. Is the content on your home page difficult to follow and is it unique? Does it have a smooth flow? Or is the content on your home page found on many other sites? Is the content on your page written for the search engines or the reader? Peppering keywords throughout your content may work well for search engine visibility, but it may turn off your visitors. You're an insurance authority and your content should be a reflection of that. What sets you apart from other insurance agencies? Project your unique agency image through good writing. If your website is using images that are pixelated or distorted, visitors will perceive your site to have less authority. Use the highest quality version of the image that you can find.




Keyword Targeted Pages

For keyword targeted pages, your keywords need to be in the title, description, header tags and placed in the content in a way that makes it sound organic and natural. Your title should be 65 characters or less, the description should be 150 characters or less and header tags should be between 15 and 65 characters. With Insurance Website Builder sites you have the ability to customize the URLs for most of your pages. You should take advantage of this. For example, if your page is about car insurance in Dallas, a good custom URL would be: Bold the keywords in your content. Search engines place more SEO value on keywords that are bolded or italicized. Use a clear image on this page and built-in forms work well. Built-in forms on pages help your conversion rate, because the visitor does not have to make the extra effort of clicking on another button to leave their contact information.







Navigation menus

Navigation menus should be properly organized. Drop down items should be under the correct menus and check for broken links. Try to make your visitors' experience as user friendly as possible. If visitors have to click around too much, they may just leave the page or the site.







Customized URLs

A descriptive URL makes the topic obvious and optimal for sharing on social networks. If the content on the page is interesting, it has more sharing value to its audiences. Every blog posted on an Insurance Website Builder website has the ability to be shared on various social networks.

There is more than one way to optimize a site, but using the tips and trick above should help you achieve your website goals more easily, especially if you're struggling with your online presence or don't know where to start.

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