Is an Insurance Website Template Better for Your Agency?

September 22, 2014

insurance website templates

Two major goals of any insurance agent are to save money and make the agency as profitable as possible. Establishing a powerful presence online is essential to any agent who wants to convey a professional image. When you project a professional image through your website, it instantly helps your agency gain credibility. This is where using an insurance website template can help.

Insurance agents often have some common misconceptions about insurance website templates, but there are actually several benefits to buying such a template.

Best Practices in Looks and Functionality
One major benefit of a template is you don't have to think about the design or functionality. Looking through a gallery of templates can give you inspiration on the layout, design, colors and different features of your insurance agency website. It is also helpful because your website provider has already thought through the functionality of the website and can apply best practices to your website.

For example, as the Insurance Website Builder team designs each website template in our gallery, we carefully plan each element to make the website design effective for selling insurance. The templates contain clear calls to action, strategically placed forms and other elements that make a website more effective overall. Each website template is also easy to navigate. We have thought through all of these elements so our agents get their desired response from their online visitors.

Speed and Cost
Website templates are also great for agents who need their website done quickly and in a cost-friendly manner. The basic design and framework of a template are already put together, so it doesn't take long to make a website live. Simple changes, like implementing a logo, changing colors to match your branding or updating information, are done quickly with a template so the aesthetics of the website design are not sacrificed. Also, since website templates don't require a lot of development time, they are less expensive than a built-from-scratch website and are therefore great for people who are working with a lower budget. Some developers may offer different pricing levels of templates to work with any budget. (We have three levels.)

Some insurance agents worry if they buy a website template, there will be several other agencies with websites that look exactly like theirs. Contrary to this popular belief, you can customize a website template so it is unique to your agency and doesn't look like the original template. We work with insurance agents to determine the different colors, styles, fonts, layout arrangements and other design options that will better reflect our agents' unique brands.

For example, if an agent prefers to use an image as the web page background rather than a solid color or pattern, we can make that change easily. This slight modification makes the agent's website vastly different from the original template.

Determining the right method for developing an agency website can largely depend on the individual's budget and time frame. If you're looking for a budget- and time-friendly solution, website templates are the best solution.

Got a question about insurance website templates? Leave it in the comments below, and we'll answer it.

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