InsurancePro Release 6.0.34

November 30, 2010


  • Fixed Contact Manager overwriting last viewed contact
  • Fixed Cancellation Download Transactions overwriting policy details with blank values
  • Fixed Find Client searches including an apostrophe
  • Changes to support new downloading partners
  • Fixed unwarranted reminder alerts on the Policy Summary Screen
  • Fixed timeouts caused by Daily Transaction Reports
  • Improved speed of the Daily Transaction Reports
  • Improved stability of printing features
  • Improved error handling when required software is not found
  • Fixed problems bridging data from InsurancePro of a policy with 2 limits on the uninsured BI
  • Fixed downloads summary to include the Loss Of Use coverage
  • Fixed downloads processing of HO policies to properly determine the deductible
  • Fixed scanning on Brother scanners

  • Added "Show notes for associated policies" check box to the Policy Summary Screen's Notes/Reminders
  • Added automated download of required software when software is not found
  • Allows scans using manufacturer's scanning drivers
  • Allows scans done in color
  • Link to blog opened at first run
  • Link to blog added to main menu screen
  • Added ability to manually bridge into InsurancePro from a file
  • Added EULA to installation
  • Added prefilled ACORD Forms (See the FAQ for more information)
  • Added "Administrator" permission requirement to modify the agent on a policy

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