Insurance Marketing in the Age of Digital Transformation

November 28, 2016 Dylan Brooks

state of search dallas speakerThese are truly unprecedented times.

The world is transforming around us. We're playing Pokemon on our smartphones. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in more than a century.

The world of internet marketing is also going through a tectonic shift. It's notable even for a continually evolving industry.

I recently learned more about this shift at the 2016 State of Search Conference in Dallas. My ITC colleagues and I came away enlightened and inspired.

The conference was for internet marketers. But, I believe the main points apply to insurance marketing.

Here are three key takeaways you can apply to your agency.

1. If You're Not Mobile-First, You're Last

Not long ago, a mobile website was a nice-to-have. But with mobile web traffic eclipsing desktop web traffic worldwide, those days are over.

Today, you don't just need to be mobile-friendly. You need to be mobile-first.

This means prioritizing the mobile version of your insurance website over your desktop version. It means ensuring your content is relevant and accessible for on-the-go mobile users.

And, it means taking mobile intent into account. Consumers want to request quotes. They want customized directions to your office locations. They want to call your staff with the click of a button. All on their mobile device.

Make these tasks easy for mobile consumers to do on their phones, and it will make a difference.

Putting your mobile website first is no longer optional.

Even if consumers don't look for your website on their smartphones now, they soon will. Millennials and Generation Z are maturing. These generations have grown up on smartphone technology and have plenty of insurance needs.

As a result, Google will soon focus only on their mobile website index. If you neglect the mobile version of your website, your Google search rankings will drop.

2. Get Smart About Content

You've probably heard it before. The key to success on the internet is content, content and more content.

But is this true?

Not exactly. Churning out page after page of content based on keywords alone won't help you move the needle.

Consumer attention spans are so short, most of this content will likely go unseen. Particularly since consumers don't find insurance as riveting as what Kylie Jenner did today.

To succeed with content, you need to bridge the gap. You need to be the answer.

Find out which questions or concerns your clients have. They can be somewhat related to the lines of coverage you offer. Then, provide useful answers through targeted blog posts, landing pages and website copy.

These practices are timeless because they work. They'll be more effective than just churning out articles based off of insurance keywords.

3. Build Real Connections

Consumer needs dictate insurance marketing. So, take a look at your clients, prospects and community to better market your agency.

But there's one big problem: We're all inherently biased. It's human nature. As a result, we often market to the consumer base we want to have.

Our personal views cloud our understanding of the world around us. This leaves an existing market of potential clients untapped.

There's a simple way to break this cycle: Broaden your horizons.

Take off your insurance agent hat for a moment, and really get to know the people in your community. Talk to them face to face. Learn more about their perspectives, opinions and concerns about the world at large.

Then, work on marketing to these people through your branding and website messaging.

The better you understand them, the more effective your marketing will be. This has always been, and it will always be, the case.

A Final Word

Insurance marketing will continue to evolve. But your focus should not waver. It will always be important to know the needs of consumers and use marketing efforts to speak to those needs. Agents who follow this process most effectively will continue to see success.

Want to start doing online marketing but not sure where to start? Schedule a free consultation.

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Dylan Brooks

Dylan Brooks helps ITC clients improve the visibility of their agency websites, working directly with them to improve their search engine rankings. Dylan has a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Miami and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Dylan has extensive experience with writing, strategy and marketing analytics. In his spare time, Dylan enjoys cooking, participating in 5K races, and spending time around Dallas.

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