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Agents with a Gold level or above website with Insurance Website Builder get a listing on our lead generation website has more than two million pages providing consumers direct access to agents nationwide. Through the website, these agents offer more than 50 lines of insurance business.

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The website offers many opportunities for consumers to find your agency. The first is through the search box. A visitor selects his or her line of business and enters his or her postal code. The website then displays the agencies closest to the visitor. In areas with more than one agency, we randomize the list so everyone receives equal placement within the results.

Once the visitor is on your agency's profile page, he or she can see details about your agency. These details can include lines of business offered, locations, employees, blog entries and reviews. We pull this information from your insurance agency website's administration console. All links from your listing will go to your website providing you valuable backlinks.

As recommended by our SEO experts, each website page has embedded microdata for optimal ranking performance.

Finally, your agency gets its own badge recognizing your profile's ranking within the website.

Improving Your Profile's Ranking

So how do you improve your ranking on It is quite easy. Just do all the things we recommend on this blog.

Set Up Locations - Make sure you have all your locations set up in your administration console. By setting up your locations, you will notify the website of which areas your agency operates in. This will help provide visitors with an insurance agency near them.

Set Up Lines of Business - Now you need to tell what you offer at those locations. Turn on lines of business quote forms within your console to get going for a particular line of business.

Blogging - Creating fresh, unique content is a common theme in today's search engine best practices. Blogging adds content to your main insurance website but also provides content your listing.

Reviews - Are you asking for testimonials and reviews? You should be. Testimonials and reviews are the new referrals. Instead of asking your clients for referrals, ask them to tell the world about your great agency. Reviews on your main insurance agency website also show up on your listing. Plus, they appear in search engine results. (Hint: We have found that visitors will click a profile listing with a rating vs. one that does not have a rating.)



Keep Doing It

Like the search engines, knows if your blogs and reviews are old. So keep it updated. The more you update your insurance website, the better your profile will do.

Want a listing on Learn more about Insurance Website Builder.




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