Improving Conversion Rates with Landing Pages

January 31, 2013

You're doing well if your subscribers are opening and reading your marketing emails. But, are you losing their interest when they click your call to action saying 'Get a Quote Now' or 'Get More Information' and they end up on your home page or contact us page? Most likely, the answer is yes.

When you send an email campaign, your call to action should send prospects to a relevant page on your website. Creating landing pages with targeted information could allow you to have higher conversion rates as well as higher engagement rates.

A landing page is a designated page built with the goal of converting traffic into leads. Some landing pages may have their own URL which can help your landing page show up in the search engines when someone searches for that keyword or phrase. Others will be a page within your current website that speaks to a specific product or line of business you offer.

Every targeted email campaign should click through to a designated landing page to make finding more information easy for your readers. Landing pages also help you track through your website analytics how much website traffic your email generated.

When designing your landing page remember that the content should only be relevant to the line of business or product your landing page is focusing on. Try to mirror design elements of your landing pages within your email campaigns so your readers easily see that the landing page is relevant to the subject of your email. You also want to make calls to action on your landing page prominent and clear so that your readers know what to do next.

Creating a new page on your website is easy within your Insurance Website Builder console. And if you have AgencyBuzz, you can easily link these pages to buttons, images or text within your marketing emails. Use the split testing feature within your AgencyBuzz account to see the difference between using landing pages for your calls to action vs. linking to just your home page, or contact us page - once you see how well your audience responds, you'll be creating landing pages for all of your email campaigns.

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