If an Insurance Website Doesn’t Get Traffic, Does It Still Exist?

October 6, 2014

Every effective website has a goal or a purpose. For insurance agency websites, that goal is to convert visitors to your website into a strong lead.

Your insurance website is not doing its job if you, the agent, are the only person who ever sees it.

Getting traffic is important, but finding the right kind of traffic is more challenging. You cannot gain new clients if no one is visiting your website. However, if you focus on getting a large number of visitors, you may sacrifice the quality of your leads.

Effectively using keywords and calls to action can help you get the right traffic and convert that traffic into leads.

When using keywords, you have two strategies: using general keywords or specific keywords.

Choosing to use general keywords - like 'auto insurance' - will give you a larger target area, but the quality of leads will suffer. Using specific keywords - like 'auto insurance Carrollton' - can shrink the pool of possible visitors but provide hits with a higher chance of converting into a lead.

Finding a balance between the two is ideal. By mixing both general and specific keywords, you will increase your website's traffic and increase the chance those visitors will request a quote or pick up the phone to call you.

Calls to Action
If your goal is to have potential clients call you to start the quote process, make it easy for your website visitors to find your contact information. If you want your insurance agency website to focus more on capturing quote requests and lead information, create buttons that stand out on the page and say Get a Quote.

It is important to have clear and visible calls to action so your visitors know the best way to use your website. When you are direct with your calls to action, you make using your website easier, which your visitors will appreciate.

Driving traffic to your website needs to be part of your overall strategy. If you build a perfectly designed website, but no one ever sees it, you have missed your target.

Start your planning process with website traffic in mind, and the calls to action will easily follow. There are a lot of great posts about insurance websites on this blog and how to make yours great. Here are a few to get you started.

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