How Your Insurance Website May Scare Away Your Potential Clients

July 6, 2015

how your insurance website


More than half of first-time visitors will spend only 15 seconds or less on a website before they decide to go elsewhere. Because of this, you only have a brief window to capture a potential client's interest with your insurance agency website. If you've noticed that your website visitors are starting to hit the web browser back button more often, here are a few possible reason why.

You Only Use Insurance Jargon in your Content
The insurance industry is full of complex nuances and terminology. A lot of your potential clients will not be well-versed in the language of insurance underwriters. So, if your website is full of industry jargon they will feel lost and confused. While using insurance terms may make you seem like an expert, it'll make your visitors feel confused.

Instead use easy, concise language to make your points. This will make the potential client feel more comfortable working with you. Also, they will appreciate your effort to make a complicated situation simpler.

Your Website is Hard to Read and Navigate
A cluttered navigation menu, clashing color schemes and illegible text can make your website look old. It can also be a red flag to a potential clients that your agency is not well put together.

Potential clients visit your insurance agency website for a specific reason. The harder you make it for them to fulfill their goal, the less likely they will fill out a quote form or give you a call. By making your website more user-friendly, your visitors will be more willing to reach out to work with you.

You Put Everything Important Below the Fold
The fold is the line at the bottom of your browser that divides what is immediately visible and what you need to scroll to see. If something is above the fold, it is in the eyesight of your potential client when he or she gets to your website. Everything below the fold is hidden from view until they start to scroll.

By putting the most important items like links to quote forms or your phone number below the fold, you run a big risk of them missing it. While having a giant photo that takes up most of the space above the fold may look nice, it makes it harder for your website visitors.

The harder you make it for a potential client to see what you have to offer, the harder it will be to keep them engaged on your website. Focus on making your website as easy as possible for your visitors by avoiding these mistakes. The time you have to make a good first impression online is quick, so make sure you make it your best.

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