How Your Insurance Website Impacts Your Online Leads

April 3, 2015

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Your insurance agency website can help or hurt a visitor's decision to request a quote from you. Since the average visit to your website will only last 10 seconds, the first impression is important.

If you do not communicate your agency's value and services to your visitors, they won't become a lead. Here are a few tips to help your insurance website make a good impression and convert visitors into strong leads.

Use Shorter Quote Forms

Long and in-depth quote forms may help you as an agent but can be confusing or overwhelming for consumers. When they see a long quote form that doesn't seem quick and easy to fill out, chances are they will look elsewhere.

Shorter quote forms that ask for basic questions are easier to fill out. This puts less stress on your lead, initiates the sales process, and creates a stronger bond between you.

Track Your Insurance Agency Website Traffic

If your insurance website is not getting enough traffic, chances are your site needs updating. Using tools like Google Analytics helps you keep track of website traffic and behavior patterns. If your traffic starts to decline, try spending more time on adjusting your SEO tactics.

Small changes to your insurance agency website's meta-tags and keywords can make a huge difference. Updating your website content with new keywords can help since content is king. Our marketing blog is also full of good suggestions, tips and tricks of the trade to help you optimize your insurance website.

Make Your Website Inviting and Easy to Use

Consumers see insurance agency websites that are difficult to navigate as not being worth the time or trouble. They usually shop for insurance on their downtime. They do not want to work or dig to find information. Adding a search bar or decluttering your insurance website design can make a big difference.

It's best to keep your website simple. If you overload your homepage with buttons and too many calls to action, visitors will find it frustrating. The more inviting your website looks, the more inclined a visitor is to pick up the phone or complete an online quote form.

Your insurance website tells your visitors a lot about your agency. Use these simple tips to make sure your insurance agency website leaves a good first impression so you get more leads.

Do you have any other website tricks that helped you increase your leads? We'd love to hear them. Leave them in the comments section below.

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