How Your Agency Can Reap the Benefits of Content

November 20, 2019

content calendar

The content on your insurance website shouldn’t be an afterthought. Be it a blog post, a video, or text on your homepage, content has an impact.

Top insurance agencies use website content to their advantage to communicate with prospects and clients. For example, they’ll write a blog post on customers' frequently asked questions. Or, they’ll grab the attention of prospects by explaining why they do what they do on their About Us page.

You may think your agency provides good enough customer service over the phone or in person. Or, your customers don't care about website content. That’s a mistake because content is for customers. And search engines, too.

Search engines like Google read your website’s content. It judges how helpful your agency can be for a given search query, like auto insurance near Dallas.

As your website appears in more searches, your website traffic increases. More prospects will filter in to your website. You’ll receive more inquiries and quote requests. Because of your website’s content.  

That’s not all. Writing content now helps you work smarter in the future. I’ll also discuss a few ways you can repurpose content after you’ve written it. But first, you must make content a priority. You must get it on the calendar.

How to Create a Content Calendar

A successful content calendar can hold you accountable. It can also bring together topic ideas with content authors and a timeline.

First, identify your desired posting frequency. Is it twice per week? Twice per month? Remember, search engines like to see frequent updates to the content on a website. Your customers do, too.

Then, identify the contributors who will create the content. Is it only you or are there others in the agency who can contribute? Are there subject matter experts who can write about specific lines of business?

The posting frequency and the content authors need alignment. In other words, be honest with how much time each person can give to the task.

Now comes the schedule. If there is more than one contributor, it’s a good idea to have a digital calendar everyone can access. Use a spreadsheet and keep it on a shared drive.  

Don’t make it complicated. Assign columns for publish date, author, and topic. If you have a review process (you should) add a column for that, too.

Create a schedule for the quarter or the entire year so there aren’t any surprises. Everyone knows what is expected of them and when.

Keep the holidays in mind. You can choose to skip posting around certain holidays. Or, use them as inspiration.

To keep contributors (and yourself) on track, send reminders when due dates are coming up. Or, set automated reminders. Then schedule time in your calendar to write.

It's smart to keep a backup blog post on hand in case a due date gets missed.

Going Beyond the Blog

You’ve posted the blog, now what? Repurpose it of course.

Time to get in touch with your inner marketer. Share the post on social media. Include it in your email newsletters. Add it to your other marketing campaigns. Combine several blog posts about the same theme into an eBook or whitepaper for clients. Vlog about it.

Don’t stop at blog posts. Update the content on your website pages too. Add this to your content calendar. Make a note of when you last updated a web page. Or, check in your Insurance Website Builder admin console.

Bonus: How to Get Content Ideas

It can be hard to come up with a topic idea to talk about. My tip: Keep a running list of ideas near on your computer desktop or literal desk. Add to it as ideas come to you. You can even add a tab to your content calendar so everyone can contribute and refer to it when their due date comes up.

It’s important to keep your target audience in mind, of course. Try to think of what topics your target clients would like to read about. Or answer questions you get asked a lot in a blog post or on a web page.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, download our 12 Months of Content Ideas whitepaper. We’ve compiled hundreds of insurance-related topic ideas for every season and line of business. Search our Agent Resource Center for more, too.


What sets your agency apart? How can you work smarter, not harder? How can you get your agency in front of more sets of eyes online? Content is the answer to each of those questions. But to see results, you must get started.


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