How to Write an Optimized Blog Post

March 30, 2010


Keyword phrases (kp) are the most important elements of SEO. Insurance Website Builder customers can log in to the administration console to blog on their website.

Title - The title of your blog post must have some keywords in it. For example, Dallas Auto Insurance, New rate cuts for Dallas Auto Insurance, Fresh focus on Home Insurance in Dallas etc. Google loves fresh content, and if that content has your keywords in it Google will pick up on it and associate it with your website. Also, IWB websites automatically converts the title of your post to a URL, which once again helps the search engines find your website easier.

Body - The body of your blog post must not be too long, ideally 1-2 paragraphs, maximum of 3 paragraphs. People do not want to spend too much time reading, so the shorter and more concise your post the better. Always include links back to your website. Make sure those links include anchor text or the actual keyword phrases. Do not link 'Click here', 'Visit us', '' The more links that go back to your website the better. The links do not necessarily have to link to the homepage. If you have something interesting to say about health insurance, link back to the health insurance page or even the quote forms. Just make sure you have at least one backlink in your post.

Pictures - Add pictures to your entries. These help to make your posts more interesting and break up the content. Make sure you have permission to add them.

Content - Writing your own content is highly recommended - it's unique to you and therefore more valuable. However if you don't have the time to write something yourself, you can re-post news articles, community news, industry news on your blog. Just make sure you cite the source, with the original web address. If you are copying insurance articles on to your blog, make sure to delete links to other insurance agents websites. You can still link something within that article back to your website. It's important to blog at least once a day or as often as you can. If you cannot do it yourself, perhaps get another agent or secretary to do it, as long as you have fresh content. Ask questions in your blog posts. This gets your readers thinking, and they can now post their comments in Insurance Website Builder's new blog commenting section.

Tags - Also known as keyword or blog tags. Tags help you to categorize your posts, which makes it easier for people as well as search engines to find your blog entries. Make sure to use the same tag whenever you can, rather than variations of that tag, e.g. use blog instead of blogging, blog entries or blog posting. This helps us find entries easier and especially with the way Insurance Website Builder websites use them, make the search engines find them easier too. Insurance Website Builder websites handily displays all tags used to the right of every blog you post.

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