How to Use Your Insurance Website to Reach Your Target Audience


Connecting to your target audience is key to your insurance website’s success. Without the appeal to draw those eyes in, and keep them there, you might not find success.

It’s important to consider all aspects of what makes an audience and what they are looking for. Are they here for information? For taking action?

You have a goal for your website, but the audience has one as well. If you present the wrong impression, they may feel lost or like they are not in the right section of your website. Here’s how you can reach your intended target audience online.

Who to Target

The first step is to know what your target audience is. In most cases, you’ll want to match your target audience to what you found success in already.

If your demographic leans more toward Medicare offerings, adjust the look of your website to match.

There is also value in targeting an audience with which you want to improve engagement. Your insurance agency website can steer business in a new direction.

Either way, knowing where to start is key.

Tailoring Your Website’s Appearance

Once you’ve found your target audience, connect to this audience through the imagery of your website.

Use images containing aspects of your demographic. If it’s location-based, focus on images with the same environment.

If it’s a particular age group, focus on images featuring people around that age. People relate to what they see. So if they see images featuring some aspect they can relate to, they become more invested in what you have to offer.

Another thing to consider when relating to an audience is the colors of your website.

Harsh colors are hard to look at for long periods of time and will push your visitors away. Careful, selective use of bright colors is the best way to make sure they have impact but are not overwhelming.

Certain colors can even convey emotions. Use them to match your lines of business. Greens for life and health, red for auto, and dark blues for general use are some examples.

Last, the content of the information should match who you are trying to reach. Relevant information should pertain to what your visitors would be interested in. Try to only post what would be relatable to your target audience.

When In Doubt, Ask

If you’re unsure on what direction to go, always feel free to reach out to your audience directly.

Send out surveys or ask for feedback from recent customers. Take their opinions and consider what they are looking for.

You’re trying to make your visitors feel welcome, interested, and invested.

With their feedback, you’ll have a better understanding of how to target future customers with your agency website’s appearance.

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