How to Use Email Marketing to Boost SEO

June 19, 2012


Investing money into digital marketing can be a no brainer. You know you need a website for your agency and you know you need to optimize your website to increase visibility. But, if you're not actively telling people about your website, and solely relying on the search engines to do that for you, then you're not getting the most out of your digital marketing.

Email marketing can do the heavy lifting when it comes to getting the word out about your agency and will drive traffic to your website. Email marketing has a low investment cost with a high return and that means a much better ROI than print mailing or even buying print ads. With email marketing, you're taking your website to your audience. You're giving them easy access to the pages you want them to visit.

Here are some easy tips to bumping up your email marketing success and driving people to your site:

  • Add multiple calls to action that are easy to read and easy to follow.
    • Your article may be great but if you don't tell your readers what to do with the information you just gave them, they won't do anything at all. Make call to actions clear and be sure all links are working properly before you send out your email.
    • The rule of thumb is three calls to action per email for optimal success:
      • Text Link - Visit our website at to request a consultation.
      • Smaller Text Link with other necessary links - usually says View Our Website or something similar and may be located with the Privacy Policy links
      • Button - you could add a button to signatures or in the body of the email.
      • Link longer articles back to your blog.
        • Entice readers with the opening paragraph of an interesting article inside of an email then add a link that says Read More or Finish the Article Here - the text can then be linked back to your blog or website where the full article is posted.

Including email marketing into your digital marketing plan should be a natural addition to the mix and by implementing these tips to your email campaigns you'll have greater success as well as more visitors to your site.


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