How to Stop Spending Money on Simple Changes to Your Insurance Website

July 17, 2014

Content management systems have become a popular option for business owners considering a new website and for good reason. A content management system gives you full control over your content, which means you don't have to spend money to have a designer make every change you may want to your insurance agency website.

Since Insurance Website Builder is a content management system designed specifically for insurance agents, it comes with many other features that are helpful to your insurance agency.

Let's take a look at the benefits of the Insurance Website Builder system and why it's better than buying a traditional built-from-scratch website.

1. You can update your site with fresh content.

The schedule of independent website designers can be unpredictable as they juggle many projects of different sizes. It can take days or even weeks for a designer to make content updates on your website. A major benefit of Insurance Website Builder is that you can log in to your website and publish fresh content within minutes.

No one knows your insurance agency better than you do. A typical website designer may know little about your agency and the insurance industry as a whole, so using your own words to write and update your website content works best.

The ability to have complete control over your own website content is invaluable. The bottom line is you shouldn't have to wait days or even weeks for updates to your website content when you can do it yourself and do it the right away.

If writing is not your specialty, ITC offers content authoring services at an extra cost. Our team of content creation specialists has both writing skills and knowledge of the insurance industry.

2. You can format content without having to know HTML.

Formatting content inside the Insurance Website Builder administration console is easy. The interface looks similar to Microsoft Word and is intuitive. If you have ever created a document in Microsoft Word, then editing content in Insurance Website Builder is a breeze. Alignment, images, spacing, font selection and colors are all automatically coded for you as you work so you don't have to know HTML.

3. Basic website components are easy to activate and update.

When you first receive your website from your website coordinator, some basic links will appear activated. You have complete control over which items should be added to the navigation menu, and you can also easily remove them at any time. For example, you might like to add a link to the navigation menu that goes to an automobile insurance quote form. In the administration console, you navigate to the Forms Configuration Editor and check the box next to Auto Quote Form. When you refresh your website, you will see the new automobile insurance link added to the navigation menu. Once you write your first blog post, the blog link will automatically be added to the navigation menu.

4. Special website features are automatically generated.

Calculators, free reports and employee directories are a few of the other insurance-specific features in your control with Insurance Website Builder.

For example, when you navigate to the calculators section in the administration console, check the box next to each calculator you would like to make available. Once checked, a link is automatically generated and formatted on the calculator page of your website. Easily remove a calculator by unchecking the respective box. A simple and similar process can be done to add free reports to your website. All you need to do is select a report to add from the list and press the Add button.

When adding employees to the employee directory, enter the employee information into the Employee Directory Editor section of the administration console, and click the Add button. This section of the website is also automatically formatted.

These type of special features can take an independent website designer several hours to hard code and format. Controlling the content and features on your own website saves you a ton of time, which as a result will save you money.

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