How to Produce Content for Geo-Location Landing Pages

March 6, 2017

new content typewriterWhen I have consultations with my clients, the conversation always turns to content. It’s well known content is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

It’s easy for me to recommend every page of your insurance website to have custom, unique content.

One of my favorite types of content is the geo-location landing page. Say I own an agency that writes auto insurance all across the south. I would want to have a landing page with content for each state I write, like Texas Auto Insurance, Alabama Auto Insurance, Florida Auto Insurance, etcetera.

Here’s how you could customize geo-location landing pages to maximize their value.

The Auto Insurance Agency

The most populated insurance space also happens to be one of the easiest to write about.

Regulations and limits for auto insurance change from state to state. So, make sure you detail what the differences are if you are writing state-based content.

If you are writing content based on cities within a state, try sample rates for people in that city. You should also add well-known neighborhoods, intersections and anything unique about the city.

The Home Insurance Agency

In Texas, new developments pop up everywhere. We also seem to be bringing in new business headquarters left and right. These are all targets to use in your content.

If there are major developments, mention the neighborhood name and the homebuilders. It’d be a good idea to work out a referral deal with the homebuilder, if possible. But, that’s another topic.

If your area is seeing a lot of new business come in, talk about the supply and demand of homes for sale. List a real estate agent someone could contact if they are looking for a home.

Are you on the coast and offer windstorm insurance? Make sure you mention this in the pages where it’s relevant. This is a great opportunity to talk about those niche lines of business.

The Business Insurance Agency

This one gets a little trickier, as it depends on the kinds of businesses you are looking to write.

Focus on different sectors, like restaurants, cleaners, technology or design. Talk about the main policy types and how they might apply to each.

For example, in California write about technology businesses, a prevalent industry.

The Specialty Insurance Agency

Niche lines of business can each have their own challenges. Let’s assume you are focusing on hotel insurance, for example. Hotel insurance is similar from state to state. That makes it difficult to produce unique content on each landing page.

Imagine trying to write 10 pages of content when nothing changes from one state to the next. Not easy.

Here’s what I would do. First, this is going to take some research.

I’ll use Texas as my example. A quick Google search told me Frisco, Texas is building 11 hotels over the next three years. It also told me Austin, Texas is in the middle of a hotel boom and Allen, Texas is building a new convention center.

Texas also has resort-style hotels in the hill country and along the coast. Those differ in policy quite a bit from the smaller standard hotels.

We also have a long coastline and experience small earthquakes. Those increase the need for windstorm and earthquake considerations.

There are already several ways to customize your content from page to page.

Bonus: Testimonials

One foolproof way to make a page unique is adding a testimonial to landing pages.

There are two rules of thumb to follow. First, make sure it’s relevant to the topic of the page. Second, it must be unique. That means it wasn’t take from Google, Yelp or your testimonial page.

I would add a unique testimonial to each landing page you create. Every bit of custom content helps boost your SEO.

A little research on your topic can go a long way to producing a rankable page of content. If content isn’t your forte, we do offer premium content authoring services. But, with the tips above I’m confident anyone can put together content with ranking potential.

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