How to Prepare for Facebook's Graph Search

April 17, 2013

Facebook has announced the creation of Facebook Graph Search. Graph Search is Facebook's latest search feature that helps users find connections to people and places. Here is a short video that shows what Graph Search is all about.

How Does This Affect my Business?
This might seem like a privacy concern for individual users, but business owners should be excited. This is another avenue that you can be found on Facebook. It might not seem so great if you have 50 fans but every fan you gain gives all of their friend's access to your page. Now when that fan's friends search for something insurance related your agency has a better chance to pop up on the list. This turns Graph Search into a combination of Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Google Search, four of the most powerful online resources available.

Currently there are only a few search criteria in Graph Search but Facebook has already said that they are going to increase the categories available.

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