How to Optimize Your SEO Settings

March 29, 2010

This information should be entered in the SEO Settings section of the administration console. Watch a video on how to optimize your SEO settings for your Insurance Website Builder website.

Page Title

  • Should be the Main Keyword Phrase (kp)
  • Must 60-70 characters long (including spaces)
  • The main kp is normally 3-4 words long in the format 'Geo-target Line of Business', e.g. Dallas Auto Insurance, Cheap Dallas Home Insurance, Dallas TX Contractors Insurance
  • Only insert the main kp. The Website automatically adds ' - Company Name' at the end

Site Description
  • Must be 150-160 characters (including spaces)
  • Must include main kp
  • Must describe the website, what it offers, what the company specializes in
  • Must be a full sentence, i.e. humans read this, so it must make sense, with a full stop at the end, appropriate capitalizations etc.
  • Can include areas covered, e.g. cities, counties, state
  • Do not include address, hours of business

Page Keywords

Note: The top 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, do not take page keywords (meta keywords) into account when ranking a website. As such, these are not important if you want to rank in the top 3. However the smaller search engines may still use this data, so it's best to add some.
  • Must be at least 10-15 keywords
  • Must be comma delimited
  • First keyword must be main kp
  • Can include derivatives of main kp e.g. home insurance, home, insurance etc.
  • Each keyword must be present somewhere on the homepage, be it in the main body or navigation.
  • Can include areas covered
  • Do not include zipcodes, area codes

Read more about how this is reflected on Google's Search Engine Results page.

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