How to Make Your Insurance Agency Website More Effective

December 7, 2015

Website design


Having an online presence is a necessity for running a successful insurance agency. Since everyone has a website nowadays, the challenge is standing out from the crowd.

As the center of your marketing efforts, it's important for your insurance website to not only look good but be effective. Does it communicate who you are? Is it easy to find information? Does it make doing business with you easier?

To help, I've compiled a list of five techniques you can use to improve the effectiveness of your insurance agency website.

  1. Use Eye Catching Photos and Graphics
    There are a lot of options for the design and color scheme of your insurance website design. For a modern feel, use a single, color photo as the whole background of your insurance agency website.

    Method website

    Or perhaps you prefer a sleek, professional look. If that's you choose muted colors.

    Fallbrook website

    Whatever your style, the use of graphics can help you stand out. Keep your design clean and simple so your images pop out to the eye better and
    always optimize them for SEO.

  2. Break Up the Text on Your Website
    Nobody wants to read a wall of text. It's best to break up your content into readable chunks. Use lists, videos, photos or infographics to do this on your insurance agency website. These items will help spice up your page as a whole and make it easier for the human eye to follow.

  4. Make Your Website Useful for Your Clients
    Your insurance website should be more than an online business card. Your website will be more effective if it is useful for your clients. Adding payment options and claims will enhance your visitor's online experience. These features on your website will also increase your client retention.

  6. Keep Your Quote Forms Short
    The longer your quote form, the more leads you'll lose. Long forms can give you a better qualified lead but at a cost. They are less work for you, but they also scare people away. Keep your forms short. They shouldn't take longer than a few moments to complete and submit. Ask for only the most basic information you need to start a quote. Then, follow up by phone for the rest of the information.

  7. Optimize Your Insurance Website for Mobile Users
    Whether you choose a responsive design or a custom mobile version, you need a mobile-friendly website. More consumers are searching for insurance from smaller, handheld devices. Not having a user-friendly website minimizes your opportunities and alienates this source of traffic.

    Responsive design
    Del Mar

    Custom mobile design
    Elite Insurance

An insurance agency website can do wonders for your relationships. Try these five tips to make sure you website is as effective as it can be.

What other elements do you think makes an effective insurance website design? Let me know in the comments section below.


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