How to Keep Your Readers Engaged with Your Blog Posts

August 27, 2014

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Posting blogs is important to attracting potential clients to your insurance agency website, improving your SEO and getting noticed more by search engines.

While quantity is important, you shouldn't sacrifice quality. Well-written blog posts can bring in and keep traffic on your insurance website that can result in new clients as they will come to view you as an expert who cares about helping them.

Here are some tips to help you create better blogs that will keep your reader engaged.

  • Limit keywords: As Google continues to update its search algorithm, its spiders crawl the web and are more diligent about punishing websites that load up on too many keywords. If you write blog posts that feature too many keywords, Google will deem it spam, and so will your readers as these posts don't read well and don't engage visitors. Use keywords sparingly in your blog posts where it sounds natural.
  • Be professional and fun: Just because you're running a business doesn't mean you can't have a natural conversation with your clients. Would you be robotic and technical with clients visiting your office? Of course not!
Keep the tone of your blog posts friendly, open and conversational, like you would when speaking with clients in person. Stay professional, but write your blog posts without technical jargon to show you're an actual human being.
  • Get to the point: Let's face it. The Internet is not really the place for people with long attention spans. There's emails to send, tweets to read and funny cat videos to watch.
When website visitors find your blog, they're in no mood to stick around forever. Don't drag out your blog posts. There's no word limit. Say what you need to say, and wrap it up. Getting to the point quickly frees up your time to tend to other areas of your agency and lets your visitors get the information they want in a timely manner.

Follow these tips to make your blog SEO friendly and people friendly. Keep producing quality content on a regular basis, and potential clients and Google will begin to notice.


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