How to Keep People on Your Insurance Website Longer

April 4, 2016

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Search engines pay attention to a lot of aspects of your insurance agency website. They even look at how much time people are on your website.

When people stay on your website for some time, search engines think it has unique, relevant content. Because of this, your website can then rank higher in the organic search results.

Higher rankings help your online visibility and can lead to more quote requests and sales. But what can you do to increase the time someone spends on your insurance website?

Good question! Below are a few ways you can keep people on your website longer.

Faster Load Times

This might sound counter-intuitive. But, a fast loading website increases the likelihood that visitors will stay on your website.

Pages that load slowly cause frustration and encourage consumers to go on to the next website.

Make your insurance agency website easier to load by minimizing images and animations. This will decrease your bounce rate. (Bounce rate is the percent of visitors who leave almost immediately leave after landing on your website.)



Make Content Easier to Read

A large amount of text is intimidating. It keeps potential clients from reading all the great content you have worked so hard to write.

Breaking up your content makes it easier for someone to read and properly digest your words.

You can add graphs and other graphics to not only make your page more visually appealing. Also, using shorter paragraphs and bullet lists can help make your content easy to read.





Embed Videos on Your Pages

Videos are a great way to break up your content as well as add supplemental information.

Instead of linking to a video on another website, it is better to embed the video directly on your website. This is because the time spent watching the video is time spent on your insurance agency website, instead of YouTube.






Blogging helps your website's search engine optimization and positions you as an industry source.

Give your clients the ability to leave comments on your posts. Encourage them to respond with their own thoughts. Letting them comments includes them in the conversation, which strengthens your relationship.

Also, use blog tags so people can browse through other related blog posts easily. For example, click on the insurance website tag at the bottom of this post. You'll see all our insurance website-related posts.





Give Them Something to Do

Add features to your insurance agency website that encourage engagement. Make a payment or file a claim pages are great pages that get high engagement.

Glossaries, financial calculators and other educational tools are good features to include as well. These pages allow your visitors to spend time researching their needs and interests.

Getting your visitors to stay on your insurance agency website longer may seem like a hard task. But really, all it takes is a few tweaks.

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