How to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

December 22, 2014

email marketing


Open rate statistics don't do a good job of telling you whether your email marketing campaigns were effective. So if you can't base strategic decisions on your open rate, what can you base it on?

When your clients get an email from you, they don't buy a policy in that email. Instead, they have to click a link, which takes them to your website for more information or to buy a policy. Click-through rate measures the ratio of clicks to the number of people who got the email.

Most industries have click-through rates under five percent. But this metric packs more punch than the passive act of opening an email.

Here are two ways you can improve the click-through rate in your email marketing efforts.

Make Calls to Action Text Instead of Images

Like your insurance agency website, your marketing emails need to have one to two clear calls to action. On your website images as buttons can encourage prospects to fill out a quote or referral form. But in emails a person's privacy settings may block such images from automatically showing. The same goes for emails viewed on mobile devices. When this happens, you've lost an opportunity to direct a prospect to your landing page because the link was buried in an image.

Instead of using quote buttons, hyperlink text in your emails. Format the call to action with the standard blue color and underline the text. You can also make the linked text a little larger or bold to get them to take the next step... visit your insurance website.

If you want to use a button as your call to action, make sure to include your call to action as an alt tag for the image. An alt tag will provide the text to your reader's email to display instead of the image should privacy settings block the image.

Use Links Throughout the Email

The more links in your email, the more likely your reader will click one, right? Not exactly. While spreading links throughout your email can be effective, putting too many links can be a red flag for spam filters. Your message should read like a person wrote it and not a robot.

Start with a link within the first inch of your email. This will make sure your prospects see the call to action without having to scroll or scan too far into the content. Since you don't want to miss your chance to tell them what to do next, also place the call to action in the closing of your email.

When tweaking your calls to action, don't confuse your audience with different calls to action in the same email. If you send an email to your prospects, only include a link to your quote page. If the email is for your referral list, only include the link to your referral page throughout the email.

Got other ideas to improve your click-through rates in your marketing emails? Share them with us below

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